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Re: What are you currently listening to?
« Reply #45 on: October 09, 2017, 10:46:47 AM »
Great music !, JDBush61. Well I had to go for a walk on the flor over at Microsoft Groove and buy the whole album! It's a great album all the way :) :)

Thanks, Frands. However, that was recorded MANY years ago. ;)
No need to buy a CD, because it's all free to listen to on YouTube. I can show you how to download the songs for free, if needed.

Thanks again.

You are welcome, JDBush61. I just bought it as mp3-files over at Microsoft Groove. CDs are almost dying out herea and vinyl returns. Well, I know very well how to download videos from Youtube and convert them to the finest mp3 or mp4 sound files. It's no problem ;). I really do enjoy the album! :) .

Listening to:
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Re: What are you currently listening to?
« Reply #46 on: October 11, 2017, 01:01:28 PM »
Hi JDBush61,
Nice bikes!
I got out of the Marines in Feb.1970 and just weeks later i bought a 1969 900 Sporter XLCH.
Took it to a chop shop and weeks later rolled out a beautiful chopped Harley. Motor work, trany work, Lake injectors, a bad fast bike and of course a hard tail!. Had it for two years and then totaled it and almost me.
Decided i needed something alittle less so bought a 1969 Triumph TR6-R and it also was chopped, motor work, hard tail with a narrow glide Springer. Very nice bike and could take any 900 Kaw on the street at that time.
The Harley was a problem crusiing around the city. It wouold load up and run rough so had to get on the hiway and blow it out every now and then:-). Cruised to Wheeling Colorado to watch Pikes Peak races and cruised back and spent many hours just cruising around the country side.   
Had several bikes that arent worth mentioning but still to this day i love Harleys even though AMF bought them out in the early 70's as i heard it.
I like a clean non cluttered bike and thats why i had most of my bikes chopped with hidden wireing and etc.
Today i have no bike, bummer, and at 70 with my own business i think my riding days are over but.............

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Re: What are you currently listening to?
« Reply #47 on: October 20, 2017, 02:06:04 AM »
Hi Ghost,

Well, never say never. ;) Should the urge ever hit again, I'm sure you'll be back out on two wheels. By the way, those photos I posted are not "my bike". Yes, they are both "post-AMF" Harley FXRs (1340cc low riders), yet the Bartels' HD FXR (the one chopped for the movie) had its rear shocks replaced by solid steel bars. Thus, it became a hardtail, yet with a "rubber mounted" big twin. I rode that bike quite a few times, yet it wasn't my bike. All my HDs were FXRs. No photos here at the moment.

In the past, I owned everything. I had a '77 Honda 400 "Super Sport", with factory 4-into-1 exhaust. That was a cool bike. I also had a '78 Kawasaki Z1-R, the first "cafe racer" (1000cc). That was also a fun bike to ride. I always liked Triumphs, yet never owned one. My friend had a '70s  750 Bonneville. It was a cool bike.

Nothing like riding through the desert southwest at night. I used to take many rides to Arizona and Nevada from Los Angeles on my FXRs, as I had friends in Lake Havasu and in Laughlin. Great times, and great rides. Lots of drunken "yahoo nonsense" as well. Those were the days. I sometimes see HDs here in Japan. Not many, yet sometimes. In fact, I sometimes don't see them, but I SURE DO hear them. As you and I both know, you can tell it's a Harley from 1 mile away. Nothing like it.


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