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I thought we had resolved that past matter amicably. The first reply was verifying corporate status, the second explaining privacy rights are waived on corporate computers. The follow-up replies were dismissive of the message, so my reply was more firm and direct, including a real-life story of how some thought they could get away with it but were caught (to try and exemplify the risk and hopefully spare you from the same experience), and I also wanted to be helpful and provided a working solution to use the machines in a way that would disable any monitoring (the live CDs).

A challenge of communicating over a medium where we cannot see or hear each other is misunderstanding intent. Precision Questioning and Answering may help explain the brevity of some of my replies. Sometimes I give a longer reply; sometimes I'm brief, bright and gone.

Getting back towards topic, more information on defrag and Windows: Agree on not defragging a SSD drive; Windows also won't do it by default (source).

A Mac disk also gets fragmented; similarly, the OS manages it (source).


Well, let me begin by apologizing (once again) for my sarcastic reply to your original response to my suggestion to Donna to defrag. Sarcasm is never needed, and I think that you would agree with that. In my defense, I suppose that I viewed your brief reply as maybe a stab at me, in some odd way, because I rarely see you post here. Thus, and with the taste of our previous exchange still lingering on my tongue, I made the bad decision to write a sarcastic reply. I realize that most of the folks – or at least, many – that belong to your site are IT pros like yourself, yet less knowledgeable folks (like moi!) also visit the site. Thus, it might be important to remember that not everyone is as knowledgeable as Donna is. As an example, and maybe unless the reader is well versed in computers, there’s quite a difference between the following two sentences:

A) “You don’t need to run defrag on Windows since Vista.”
B) “You don’t need to run defrag on Windows since Vista, as it automatically runs on a schedule in the background.”

Thus, just a little extra detail helps the non IT pros, like me! Does this coincide with your view of "precision answering"? When I read your quick response, I mistakenly thought that you were saying that defrag is actually no longer needed. Thus, I couldn’t understand why the program still existed on my Windows 7 box (plus, I thought that you were singling me out). Anyway, there might be times when folks like me misunderstand short replies due to our lack of knowledge. That might be good to keep in mind.

On the other topic, your replies, including the corporate story and the following stern advice you gave to me, still rub me the wrong way. I don’t wish to be LandzDown’s “Fly in the ointment”, but I think that you and I maybe come from two different backgrounds. I initially viewed LandzDown as a site where inside cool and interesting details about the use of computers could be shared, like in the old days when we used to type back and forth on newsgroups. Thus, when my questions about corporate surveillance/monitoring were quickly met with somewhat condescending authoritarian responses, without a fun discussion about how to accomplish what I wanted to do and the various available avenues (i.e., an A-Z rundown), I was both surprised and saddened. I thought “Man, what happened? The Net used to be a cool place to exchange interesting info. What has it now become? A nanny, run by MSFT and Google?” I understand you wanting to spare me some grief by advising me that an employer might be less than happy should I obtain and use the requested knowledge, but let’s face it, isn’t that MY concern? I’m an expat living in another country. I don’t know you. As far as you’re concerned, I might as well be on Mars.

OK, I’ve now said about all I wish to say. I’ve got some other things I have to do today. I’ll close with one question, and one comment. Question: Is corporate monitoring “spyware”? Comment: Maybe the slogan of this site should be changed to “The Home of the Spyware Cooker – should we deem you worthy of gaining the knowledge you seek.”

Best, JB
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Ask for assistance in doing this if you are not in the know or comfortable tweaking your Browser.

No, no, I didn't turn it off. :thud:   I changed the scheduled times from the original scheduled time (I believe 1 AM and 3 AM) to later times during the day when my computer is on.  I realize it wasn't necessary to make the change.  I just felt better making the change.
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Even though I know that both Windows Update and Defrag will run after a scheduled start is missed and it wasn't necessary to do so, I changed the scheduled time of both to run during a time of day that I know my computer will be powered on.
Firefox 33.0.1 is released

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The Day the Music Died.  :(

Waylon Jennings gave up his seat to the Big Bopper.
Thank you Aaron!  :D

The thought had never crossed my mind to have a peek at the settings from the Task Scheduler.  :embarrassed:
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