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I just got the "Upgrade available" notification on Windows 10 (the latest Insider Build).  Hoping it the other one (and yours too, Bill) will get it soon. 
Web News / Re: Facebook can't hide behind algorithms
« Last post by Corrine on Today at 06:42:29 PM »
I wouldn't be able to tolerate Facebook without F.B. Purity.
Web News / Facebook can't hide behind algorithms
« Last post by Frands on Today at 05:31:37 PM »
Hi  :),

BBC News on 22/09-17

If Facebook’s algorithms were executives, the public would be demanding their heads on a stick, such was the ugly incompetence on display this week.
First, the company admitted a “fail” when its advertising algorithm allowed for the targeting of anti-Semitic users.
Then on Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg said he was handing over details of more than 3,000 advertisements bought by groups with links to the Kremlin, a move made possible by the advertising algorithms that have made Mr Zuckerberg a multi-billionaire.
Gross misconduct, you might say - but of course you can’t sack the algorithm. And besides, it was only doing what it was told.
“The algorithms are working exactly as they were designed to work,” says Siva Vaidhyanathan, professor of media studies at the University of Virginia.
Which is what makes this controversy so extremely difficult to solve - a crisis that is a direct hit to the core business of the world’s biggest social network.
Fundamentally flawed
Facebook didn’t create a huge advertising service by getting contracts with big corporations.
No, its success lies in the little people. The florist who wants to spend a few pounds targeting local teens when the school prom is coming up, or a plumber who has just moved to a new area and needs to drum up work.
Facebook’s wild profits - $3.9bn (£2.9bn) between April and June this year - are due to that automated process. It finds out what users like, it finds advertisers that want to hit those interests, and it marries the two and takes the money. No humans necessary.
But unfortunately, that lack of oversight has left the company open to the kinds of abuse laid bare in ProPublica’s investigation into anti-Semitic targeting.

Full story:

Oracle released Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 9, 64-bit only, for Windows 7, Windows 8x, Windows 10 as well as Windows Server 2012,  Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 R and Windows Server 2016 R2.  The update includes security enhancements.

For browser support as well as Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X, see Oracle JDK 9 and JRE 9 Certified System Configurations Contents. Java Version 9 is not compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista. 

Oracle does not plan to migrate desktops from Java 8 to Java 9 through the auto update feature.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you uninstall JRE 8 prior to updating.

Download Information

  • UNcheck any pre-checked toolbar and/or software  options  presented with  the update. They are not part of the software  update  and are completely  optional. 
  • Verify your version

    :    The Java version verification page will only work if your browser has NPAPI support.  In that case, to check the version, open a cmd window  and enter the  following (note the space following Java):   java -version
:( I am still waiting for my 3.0.6 notebook and this 3.1.2 to be offered the update. I feel sorry for the folks that are assuming (as they should be able to) that Malwarebytes is keeping itself current.
LandzDown Lounge / Re: The Last Two words become the First Two Words
« Last post by Pete! on Today at 12:20:18 PM »
The android became dysfunctional after encountering a logic paradox.
LandzDown Lounge / Re: 2 Word Game
« Last post by Pete! on Today at 12:18:13 PM »
moved out
LandzDown Lounge / Re: 2 Word Game
« Last post by GR@PH;<'S on Today at 04:50:23 AM »
Literally moved

LandzDown Lounge / Re: The Last Two words become the First Two Words
« Last post by GR@PH;<'S on Today at 04:48:00 AM »
 Approved  vocabulary has been reached between everyone who worked with the android

General Software News, Updates & Discussions / Re: Windows 10 Insider Build Update
« Last post by Corrine on September 22, 2017, 09:51:54 PM »
Windows Insider Build 16296 Released to Fast Ring:  Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16296 for PC - Windows Experience BlogWindows Experience Blog.

Also note that Build 15252 was reelased to the Slow Ring for Mobile and Build 16291 for PC was released to the Slow Ring.
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