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You should be able to change the order as shown in the steps below from How to change the network connection priority in Windows 7 (or merely be selecting "Change Adapter Settings" after launching "Network and Sharing" from the taskbar).  You want to move the Local Area Network Connection for Network 3 up with the arrow so it is above Network 4.

The problem as I see it from the images you posted is that Network 3 doesn't show when you are offered Network 4 and, after the modem disconnect exercise, Network 4 doesn't show when you have Network 3 installed.  This may be directly related to the Google Fiber Beta.  It certainly wouldn't have any connection to the Microsoft Security Updates.

For the record, the instructions from the above KB for changing the adapter settings.)
  •   Click Start and, in the search field, type View network connections.
  •   Press the ALT key, click Advanced Options and then click Advanced Settings...
  •   Select Local Area Connection and click the green arrows to give priority to the desired connection.
  •   After organizing the network connections available according to your preferences, click OK.
  •   The computer will now follow an order of priority when detecting available connections.

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Over-thinking the situation always leads to a clumsy approach and a sterile, robotic performance.
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After putting Honeywell's Genetron refrigerant into my old Frigidair, my Moxie root beer and Pabst Blue Ribbon now stay nice and cold.

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overseas call
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onion - One nudge, I often need.

Sorry.. too late to edit the this line:

Before restarting, the task bar icon when hovered says "Network 4 Internet Access"  When I click the icon, I get a pop up that  says "Connecting to Broadband Connector"

Should read:

AFTER restarting.....
Before I restarted I took the screenshot of the page you asked for and then took another after the restart. They are attached.
I have two Intel icons in my taskbar:
Intel (R) Active Management Technology Status
Intel (R) Graphic Media Accelerator Driver

When I restarted, the computer came up with the Network 4 Connection in place.  I seemed to be able to do google searches, but could not connect to any websites. The following is the process and alerts that I have to go through to get re-connected after every reboot:

Before restarting, the task bar icon when hovered says "Network 4 Internet Access"  When I click the icon, I get a pop up that  says "Connecting to Broadband Connector"
Connection through WAN Miniport (PPPOE)
I click the CONNECT button and it starts to work, then freezes.  After a long time I get this alert:
Error 651: Modem has reported an error.

This is what I have to do to connect:

In the Network and Sharing Center.
I have to disable the Local Area Connection
Then, I run the Troubleshooter for the Internet Connection

Results of the troubleshooter fix offers 3 items:
  • Connect a cable
  • Local Area connection adapter is disabled
  • Try repairs as an administrator
I click on the 3rd one

The results give the following 3 items:
  • Your computer is correctly configured but the [site] is not responding
  • A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken
  • Local Area Adapter is disabled
At this point, I have to unplug ad re-plug in the cable that connects the computer to the router, and then the icon shows Network 3 and I am connected again.

I hope something in the above sequence gives a clue as to what I need to do so that I don't have this issue everytime the computer is restarted.

The FixIt checks to be sure it is applicable, and if not, will advise users:

This Microsoft Fix it does not apply to your operating system or application version.

[I received this message on a Win7x64 system which only had (an admittedly end-of-life) PowerPoint Viewer 2003 installed].
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