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McAfee VirusScan Updates
« on: July 04, 2005, 04:42:01 PM »
McAfee virusscan  for Windows 2006
Proven security that protects against viruses and spyware!

McAfee® virusscan®
  • Protects irreplaceable files, such as family photos and personal financial documents
  • Identifies spyware and adware before they can run on your PC
  • Cleans viruses and virus-like threats automatically
  • Prevents the spread of viruses to other PCs
  • Updates automatically to protect against new threats

  • New! Automatic spyware and adware detection identifies, blocks, and removes identified potentially unwanted programs, such as spyware and adware, or other programs that jeopardize your privacy, identity or simply reduce PC performance.
  • New! Automated, daily signature updates help keep your PC protected from recently discovered virus and spyware threats.
Product Info: VirusScan®
Microsoft® MVP Consumer Security
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Re: McAfee VirusScan Updates
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