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Welcome to the Security Software Updates forum!

In this forum section you will find a description and current update status of popular software that helps ensure the security and privacy of your PC. If there is a piece of software that you use that you feel would benefit the whole community please contact one of the Administrators or Moderators to see about getting it added to the list!

The appropriate way to post an update:
1. Pick an informative subject line. The subject should include the product name as well as the new version and/or date of the update. Here's an example:

Subject Matter: AVG Update-Update AVG 7.0 - AVI 267.12.2/ 139

2. Include a brief summary regarding the update. Generally, you can get this right from the vendor's website. A few lines are usually enough. (If an update covers a very large set of changes, you should summarize the key points only and refer to the site as described below.)

3. Provide a link to the product's website. This link should be to the webpage that has the description for the update itself if such a page is available. (Most websites prefer linking to these types of pages rather than providing direct download links to the update files.)

Note:This forum section is not open for general discussions! Post will be removed.
If need be please start another thread in the appropriate forum area.
Thank You For Your Cooperation
LandzDown Staff


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