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Welcome to The LandzDown Forum!
« on: July 20, 2005, 12:14:04 AM »
Guest, WELCOME to the LandzDown Forum!

                     Welcome!        Willkommen!        Välkommen!        iBienvenidos!        Bienvenue!

Purpose of these forums
These forums are purely for the purpose of helping you to get your computer "cleaned up" if you have suffered from browser hi-jacking or have some other form of "Malware" that is causing problems with your machine. We also don't mind people having a bit of fun and to that end we are an "informal" forum, however, we are "deadly serious" in the fight to help those afflicted by the "Nasties" of the Net and will do our utmost to help you.

Our Abilities
The founding members of this LandzDown Forum are all prior members of Team Lavasoft, volunteers who supplied support to AdAware before Lavasoft decided that this task should be managed by their own employed staff. It therefore goes without saying that we know a thing or two about Ad-Aware but we are in no way associated with Lavasoft the company nor Ad-Aware the product.  Collectively, we have a broad knowledge of Malware (and the programs used to remove it) and have probably the best HiJackThis Expertise available on the Internet.  Our forum Experts are variously Administrators, Moderators, or Security Experts on many other Internet Security forums and additionaly have access to many "closed" sources of high-level security information and research centres.

We cover all quarters of the globe and can offer assistance in English, German, Swedish, Spanish and French.

Many of us are also Members of ASAP (Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals) and hold to the ethics of that Alliance.

We are all volunteers here at LandzDown Forum and therefore ask that you understand that while every endeavour will be made to assist you we will not tolerate attacks on forum members and to further understand that, because we operate at differing time zones around the world, the Expert you have been dealing with may not be available at any given time. As a Team we operate differently to other forums in that we can, and do, step into each other's threads to assist if there is good reason to do so - either the other Expert is off-line or we just have some valid observation to make which may assist. That is how we work - fully interchangeable as true team members - we all know how the other thinks and we all have a pretty good understanding of each other's special abilities.

We ask that you start your own thread (Topic) and keep replying in that thread rather than starting another thread.

Also we ask that you do not PM the Experts for personal help - the idea of a forum such as this is that everyone viewing the thread will benefit from the solution.

Legal stuff
You agree by the use of these forums that we the operators of LandzDown Forum can take no responsibility for any event occuring due to advice given in these forums which results in any real or perceived malfunction of your machine. We operate solely as volunteers, do not and will not accept monetary or other reward for our efforts to help you - such efforts are made purely in an advisory-suggestion capacity.  The LandzDown Forum does not define what is "Good" or "Bad" regarding anything found on your computer and the decision must remain with you, the "poster", as to whether you wish to keep or remove any programs found on your machine.

Finally ...

Have Fun!  :tease:  The LandzDownTeam
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