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Ad-Aware license renewal?


Once again tonight I went to the Lavasoft site and found the License Renewal section still has the "More information coming soon" msg.

I still receive the email update notifications, so there is no immediate problem.  But I do wonder if Lavasoft will notify users to renew before the notification emails cease.

Having used Ad-Aware since version 5, registered version 6, and using SE Plus I check the web site every month for renewal info.  And I do realize there may be no answer available, but thought I would check.

Thanks, Mike

MichaelJ  :)

Unfortunately that is a question that probably only Lavasoft can answer - we are not associated with them in any way.

Others in the team may happen to know, so if any of us do know something,  we will help if we can.

Cheers, Totro  :thumbsup:

Hi, MichaelJ.  As it turns out, anyone can sign up for the update notifications.  That fuction is not tied to the licensed versions of Ad-Aware.  I suggest that you make sure you are registered at the Customer Care Center to ensure receiving the license renewal notification -- whenever Lavasoft decides they are ready to move forward with that process.



Thanks Totro,
Thanks Corrine,

Tried the link in your post and I am registered, with all current and correct info. 

Best Wishes, Mike

In that case, Mike, you should be all set when Lavasoft decides to put any renewal policy into place.  :thumbsup:


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