Author Topic: ? Are FAKE "Spyware" Programs still operating ?  (Read 12933 times)

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Re: ? Are FAKE "Spyware" Programs still operating ?
« Reply #15 on: July 08, 2007, 09:57:47 PM »
Hi stealthzone,
Sorry it took me so long to reply.
Oh, I completely understood the point you were making.  That wasn't what prompted me to reply.  Nothing wrong with the point you were making at all.

It's just that at the very end of your message, you seem to have digressed into a mockery of new users.  It only just now occurred to me what type of site a new user might return to over and over, despite the danger.  And perhaps once again, my naivety is showing.  But I would never visit such a site, and have the fortune not to be constantly reminded that they even exist (thanks to my excellent internet security, lol!).  But you made it sound like people who need help with security issues more than once, have gotten into trouble on purpose, and that's just not the case.....I mean, even those who visit what you call 'the dark side of the 'net' aren't trying to acquire malware, they are feeding their...."addiction," so to speak.  Right?

It makes me sad, too, for those who can't resist certain temptations.  And maybe support sites need to give advice with certain conditions?  I know that professionals can tell, by looking at a HijackThis log, what type of sites a person visits (where they got the malware).  Maybe they should decline to help those who clearly are repeatedly visiting these sites?  I don't know.  I don't know how best to handle such users.  But your comments about them did not come across as sadness.  They sounded more borne of anger or frustration, than sadness, to me.

Admitedly, I am probably a bit over-sensitive to comments like yours, because of my past experience.  And yours are the first I've ever heard, here at LzD.  I guess I was afraid your comments would inspire a gripe session about new users,  and I sincerely do not want to see LzD digress to that level.

So anyway, thanks for explaining your comments  :thumbsup:
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