Author Topic: Bogus WinPatrol PLUS Promotion  (Read 2166 times)

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Bogus WinPatrol PLUS Promotion
« on: June 06, 2014, 10:21:18 PM »
If anyone sees a post about free WinPatrol PLUS codes, the promotion is bogus. BillP posted the following the Facebook Group:

Recently, there was a lot of confusion when a website in India claimed we were running a promotion that gave away WinPatrol PLUS for free.
The initial link was picked up by many legitimate forums who thought it was true. I tried to post it here but at least Facebook knows to block it.
It used a link that was created to make it easy for one of our partners to create codes. It was really amazing how much effort they put into this bogus site. At least it didn't seem to have dangerous programs included like may of the keygen sites in eastern Europe and Russia but there must be some reason why Facebook blocks it.

As soon as I discovered the site I blocked the creation of the free codes. I also have a record of all the illegal codes that were created and when I get around to it they will be blocked so they don't use resources available to honorable PLUS members.
The damage from this kind of attack is costly including the hundreds of people who emailed me angry when they didn't get their free code. Some even wrote back claiming I was horrible for not supporting the free promotion. So if you heard I was giving WinPatrol PLUS away for free, I wish it could have been true but it wasn't.

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Re: Bogus WinPatrol PLUS Promotion
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2014, 03:25:18 AM »
Thanks Corrine!  :mitch:
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