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Malwarebytes Version 4.0 has been released. The update includes the new Malwarebytes Katana Engine which has new detection technologies to provide greater security. In addition, the user interface has been designed:

Following are the key features from the Announcement:
[*]Improved zero-hour detection – pinpoints new threats as they arise and before they can wreak havoc on your device[*]Expanded malware detection – blocks even more malware for improved protection[*]Signature-less behavioral detection – identifies the latest variants of dangerous malware families that attempt to evade traditional signatures through runtime packing, obfuscation and encryption, offering instant protection against new threats that traditional AV has a hard time detecting[*]Faster threat definition process – streamlines the publishing of new definitions, reducing the time it takes to protect you from new threats[*]Revamped user interface – Completely redesigned user interface that is intuitive, more informative and simple to use[*]Threat statistics – allows you to see what Malwarebytes is doing for you in real-time and get a first-hand view of what threats are coming at you (and being blocked)[*]Cybersecurity news – dynamic feed keeps you informed of the latest threats and other security topics[*]Easier updates – more automation means you receive the latest protection with less effort[/list]

See the referenced Announcement for Known Issues, FAQs and other information.

System Requirements: Malwarebytes Version 4.0 no longer works on Windows XP or Windows Vista. However, Malwarebytes 3.x, will be supported for the foreseeable future.

Windows 10 Note: Although Malwarebytes is an antivirus software, if you use another program as your antivirus (Windows Defender, McAfee, etc.) as your antivirus, it is necessary to make a change in Malwarebytes. Go to Settings > Windows Action Center, change the setting to "Never register Malwarebytes in the Action Center". Malwarebytes 4.0 will continue to run with the installed antivirus in compatibility mode.

Microsoft Defender:  If you use Microsoft Defender as your antivirus software, do the following:
[*]Open Malwarebytes.
[*]Press the little gear at the top right.
[*]Choose the Security tab.
[*]Enable the three options under the title Scan options.
[*]Disable the option under the title Widows Security Center.

Malwarebytes 4.0 can be installed over the top of your exist Malwarebytes programs. If you do not want to wait for the upgrade to be offered, you can download and run the installer from (direct download link here) Malwarebytes 4.0 will automatically remove the old Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit and Anti-Ransomware and upgrade them all to Malwarebytes 4.0.

[*]Announcing Malwarebytes 4.0 for Windows[*]Malwarebytes User Guides[/list]

User guide version 4:

Malwarebytes version component package 1.0.1538 released.

From Malwarebytes 4.5:

What’s New in 4.5:
[*]New Installer (v258)[*]Security Advisor[*]Windows Updates Monitor[*]Revisions to Firewall Monitor[*]Allows to Dismiss scheduled Scan monitoring[*]Info tips have been added to some of the Panes[*]Categories can now be collapsed or expanded[*]Progress indicator for Component Updates[*]Added Info tip for "Notify me when a new version becomes available" Setting [*]Enhanced detection and remediation [*]Harden MWAC against inadvertently blocking local network addresses[*]Improved performance[/list]

Some Issues now addressed:
[*]Fixed: Security Advisor incorrectly reports that the firewall is off[*]Fixed: Clicking Buy Now on Iris Message causes a pending reboot to trigger[*]Fixed: Office-wscript/cmd bypass is not blocked by AE under certain circumstances[*]Fixed: Outbound UDP connection is blocked for DNS requests in local network segments[*]Fixed: Second navigation to blacklisted website with disabled MWAC leads to ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED[*]Fixed: Several UI issues[*]Wrong info button icon color in dark theme[/list][/list]


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