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Removing Gator/Claria from System Restore


 :D  Several months ago I visited a fellow Bridge player's home to "checkout" his computer; after
      uninstalling, then downloading & installing the latest versions of Ad-Aware & SpywareBlaster, I ran
     a "Full System Scan" and part of the results showed Gator/Claria in the System Restore. Not
     remembering the sequence of steps necessary to clean adware/spyware from there, I cleaned
     everything else & asked him if he was interested in getting rid of Gator/Claria. His response was
    "wishy- washy", so I let things "slide" & uninstalled Gator/Claria from Add/Remove programs, though
     I am not sure how much "returned" the next time he rebooted. Later on I loaned him a article on Spyware for his education. Recently he has expressed an interest in
     removing Gator/Claria from his computer; would someone respond with SIMPLE instructions I could
     print out & give him on how to do this on his Win XP SP1/2 OS !? I am unsure as to if he has
     Dialup or DSL and possibly I could go to his home in the future IF he has trouble following the
    "instructions" !?

I would sooner get your friend to make sure that they have and are using the latest
Ad-aware SE Build 106 (Free/Personal)
with the  latest Definition file
then scan  doing a  "Full Scan" and then post your logfile here by using the Add-Reply Feature .
As Logs are stored in :
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-aware\Logs\.
An easy way to get there is to
click Start,
click Run
And type in and press ENTER: %appdata%
then click  Lavasoft
then Ad-Aware
and then Logs.
scroll down to find the latest one that you have
(by date & time)
and open it right Click select all
copy and then paste the contents of it here.
(Make sure that all of your Logfile has been posted, sometimes it will require two post's to get it all)
I recommend that you use the WebUpDate just before you scan that way you will always be up to date.

(note The Application Data is a hidden folder, so you will need to show hidden files and folders
and for Windows 98/ME users your logs are stored in
 C:\WINDOWS\All Users\Application Data\ ) by default

GR@PH;<'S   :breakkie:


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