Author Topic: WinPatrol after Win8 to 8.1 update  (Read 2103 times)

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WinPatrol after Win8 to 8.1 update
« on: September 08, 2014, 02:16:04 PM »
Not a big deal, but something to watch out for....

I had been using Windows 8, with Classic Shell.
Winpatrol Plus was one of the startup programs.

After I took advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 8.1, I noticed some unwanted changes in the contents of the Classic Shell start menu... some duplication of Windows utilities that I had moved around in the menu, and one game was missing.... Easy to fix.. no problem..

Also...My primary Windows login account had somehow been hijacked by my Hotmail account. I took a while to figure it out, but it turned out to be easily fixed...

What I didn't notice at first, because it had been in the taskbar's "hidden icons".
Winpatrol Monitor was no longer a "startup program".
Again, easy enough to fix, but a week had passed before I noticed.

BTW: If Winpatrol hadn't been discussed so much on this forum, and (to a lesser extent) on FreedomList, it may have taken much longer to notice.

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Re: WinPatrol after Win8 to 8.1 update
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2014, 02:30:04 PM »
I've run into the "hidden icons" issue when updating WinPatrol as well as other programs at various times as well as missing from start up. 

As to the Windows login, many people discovered that their local account was switched to a Microsoft Account. 

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