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Title: ZoneAlarm Security Suite BETA
Post by: Eric the Red on September 18, 2008, 09:59:35 PM
In an attempt to address the "performance issues" of the latest release of ZoneAlarm Security Suite (version Check Point have released for XP/Vista (32 bit versions) a beta version - This may be found at

If you are experiencing problems with ZASS and you have not made alternative arrangements to secure your computer you may wish to download and try this. Remember, this is not a release version and there are no guarantees. It is clearly stated on the ZA site:

The software you are about to download is Beta release software and is NOT for general release. You may encounter unexpected issues and problems when using the software. Please read the end-user license agreement during installation for complete details.

Please remember that there is NO technical support for Beta versions.

Please read the linked page carefully before deciding to proceed and ensure that you back up all important information and that you have created a System Restore Point before proceeding with the beta version.