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Annoying XP Pro Bootloader
« on: December 06, 2006, 07:19:16 AM »
Can someone rescue my nerves and conscience from this endless dilema?

I'll try to make it brief. 98SE is the Slave Drive of my dual-boot system and has been over a year or two now. One day the XP Boot Menu refused to bring up the other drive with 98SE on it. I searched and modified the Boot.ini file so that it reflects the same EXACT settings on 98 & XP but to no avail so i been having to resort to PARAGON boot-loader to choose my selection of O/S which does work.

I tried one day to do a sys: c: system transfer from DOS prompt on the 98 drive to clear the MBR, then proceeded to use my XP Pro disk and Recovery Console to do FIXBOOT as instructed all over world-wide internet resources pages. Still, i never been able to get XP Menu to boot to my 98SE in over a year. It just reboots and brings up the menu again. I can access the FAT system drive from XP but it's not the same as booting into the 98 GUI of course.

I come to the conclusion that Microsoft messed up badly when they decided to impliment this feature to BRAND any other drive in a dual-boot (2-HDD) config.

I'm at my wits end with this annoyance. Surely you would think a solution is available and a simple one at that.

If anyone else is even vaguely familiar with this problem or know someone who experienced the same behavior i would be grateful to read some solution to try out.

I pulled out the MASTER (XP) drive today and replaced it with a new MAXTOR (SeaGate) Diamond Plus 8 and commenced to first wipe then format it then install XP Pro afresh. Well, this time it assigned the letter F: while the 98SE drive uses C:
Be noted, the 98SE was FIRST before any XP systems were installed and in the very beginning all had worked well. Somewhere along the line the Boot process got confused and lost contact with the boot of 98SE.

BTW, i just got a 200GB MAXTOR and will be pairing it with a 500 GB as soon as i find a high powered CPU/Motherboard to fashion those 2 together, but i am still skeptical what i might discover when i do start installing those o/s's. Vista will be going to the 500GB and i already know the limitations of some BIOS/Windows to the greater then 137GB hard drive limitations so there will be a lot of partitioning to do when the time comes for that.

In the mean time i need some answers as to why XP refuses to correct the other drive and/or even identify it in the Boot Menu correctly. Time consuming as that might be i still would be interested to know if there are some steps i might take to finally correct this.
I thought about formatting the XP with the FAT file system to see if that would make a difference but in the end i opted to keep NTFS for XP for what it's worth.

As i said, i resorted to a PARAGON boot manager that at least writes the boot sectors enough to make them both available and bootable but seems XP's boot loader should be able to manage this trivial chore.

I am all ears and eyes to your suggestions members and staff, and also have a nice HOLIDAY SEASON upcoming. Got some snow here and 14 f temps a few nights so winter is knoking on the door again as usual.

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Re: Annoying XP Pro Bootloader
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2006, 11:45:19 AM »
Unless you use a third party bootloader I thought that 98 would have to be the C drive and master; XP would then go on the second drive which would be slave. Have you considered something like OSL2000 Bootmanager.
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