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forever shifting php results
« on: January 19, 2006, 11:03:54 PM »
:rose: as i understand it, PHP, asp, etc rely on databases.
in PHP it's MySql. (i'm using PHP as an example, cuz LandZ uses it.)
:firefox: i've noticed that search engines often return incorrect hits, although their SNIPPETS appear to be right (ie, the contain the appropriate keywords...)
this is OFTEN due to a page having been updated since it was last cached by the engine. because engines base their returns on their CACHE, i can usually LOCATE the page i want by clicking CACHE; this is a SNAPSHOT of the earlier page version that I want.
EX: i query "landzdown blog" (not in quotes). google returns a page with "landzdown blog" referenced in snippets, but the current page doesn't have those keywords anywhere on it. -- THE CACHE, THO, USUALLY WILL!  :thumbsup:
QUESTIONS:  :rose:
SOMETIMES THE CACHE WON'T HAVE THE RIGHT KEYWORDS EITHER... (despite "landzdown blog" showing in the engine's snippets, page title, etc. it's NOWHERE.)
1) How is this POSSIBLE, if the engine is basing my search on it's CACHE?
2) I've noticed this a frequent issue with PHP, ASP, etc.

I assume the databases are constantly changing and that the reference #'s change frequently also
(this page is currently;board=27.0,
but I've noticed on some sites, this post would keep moving -- 28.0, 29.0, 30.0, etc.)

Is this an inherent problem with PHP, or can you progam the pages to retain their reference # over time?

-- I'm also curious because I'm starting to program in PHP.

I Can't Figure Out how the engines take a snapshot cache of a page, and how that information CHANGES over time. should be permanent, until it's re-cached. (unless the engine is basing my search on an out-of-date cache that it's not showing me.)

 :rose: Oh, and while I'm on the subject: is there any way to use more descriptive URL tags, or are you stuck with numbers?

(ie, i'd have more success with this page, in an engine's returns, if "SHIFTING PHP RESULTS" were in the url itself -- as in, etc.)

i've noticed some engines shy away from "?" etc in URLS. it seems like the success of PHP generated pages in engines has alot to do with the great # of pages & links they are capable of generating at one time.

...Hope this made sense.  :tease: