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Im not sure if you have anyone who deals specifically with Linux machines, its what I run these days. I just wanted to know if anyone is aware of issues with FireFox and the latest release of Mint.
Sorry if its not appropriate to use this site for Linux issues.


Hi, Denise.

There are a few Linux users here.  I'll message Pete! and see if he has any suggestions.  If note, you could try Scot's Newsletter forum which has a large Linux user base, although I searched the forum and the most recent Linux Mint thread there is about the update to version 20.2.  Pete! is a member there as well.

It would be helpful if you would reply with examples of any issues you've run into with Firefox, including which version update you're using.

Hi Corrine

Thanks so much for responding. Im running Firefox 94.0 (64 bit) on Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon (version 5.0.7)

I have a Stack trace crash report is anyone is able to read that and get an idea of what if going on. It crashes two or three times a day, Friday it was five times.

Thanks for your help, as always it is very much appreciated.


Although I am a Firefox user, I don't use Linux, so I can't be much help.

Although, I cannot recommend an expert, I believe the chances of finding one are better at Scot's than here.

Thanks, Pete!

Denise, because all new accounts require Admin approval, please register with the same username, Ritzy.  That way, I can let the other Admins know and if I'm not online, one of the other Admins can approve your account.  As you'll see, the Linuz forum is here:


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