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Logitech M310 wireless mouse has lost middle click function

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My Logitech M310 wireless mouse has always opened a link in a new tab when I click the middle button (scroll wheel).  It suddenly stopped working, probably after a Windows update, although I don't know for sure that it is related to that.

I've lost the behavior on all browsers, so I don't think its an Edge problem.

I can't find any mouse option in Windows 10  that addresses this. Windows says I have the best driver when I tried to update the driver in the device manager. Troubleshooter doesn't detect any issues.  So this is what I've tried.... I changed the USB plug to another port. I tried blowing dust out from around the mouse wheel, but none of that fixed anything.  I didn't try uninstalling from the device manager and then rebooting because that seemed scary. So maybe I need to try that before anything else? 

I can use the right click menu to perform the same function, but its two clicks instead of one, so I'd like to have it back. 

I am wondering if I should update the mouse driver from the Logitech site.  I found the latest driver downloads here:

My question is did I find the right drivers? And if so, should I use the  64 one that is an .exe  or the smart installer.exe?  I'm not sure what the difference is since they are both .exe files. Does the smart installer just mean it will figure out which version I need?

  Also, if it doesn't fix the problem, then should I go back and re-install the old driver which I'm assuming is stored somewhere on my hard drive, and how do I do that?

Just need to be walked through the right sequence. Thanks for any help!

Does "middle click" work for other functions (eg Scroll)?
If not ...
Did you try a different mouse to rule out a "wear & tear" problem?

I'm using an old mouse which doesn't have the feature you want.

I have a workaround until you get this feature working again: hold down the ctrl key when you click a link, This will open in a new tab if your browser is set to open a new tab when you click on a link.

The scroll function of the middle wheel works fine.  Just nothing happens now when you click it.

plodr, thanks for the workaround

Tested with a mouse that connects by USB, and the middle click does work to open a new window.  So I guess I should take the mouse apart and give the wheel a good cleaning and see what happens.  I'll report back when I get that accomplished.

OK, so took the mouse apart and got the lint and dust out from around the wheel.  After re-assembly, middle wheel still scrolls fine, but no joy on the click function.

Since the other mouse that connected directly to the computer port did work to open new tab when middle wheel was clicked,  does that mean its a software issue with the wireless mouse?


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