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I have a problem with my work's computer.

I'm trying to run a work application which it crashes with the following error when trying to do some specific actions:

microsoft.practices.unity.resolutionfailedexception occurred

I don't have the same problem with my home computer.

The IT person thinks that it is a region issue, but I have the same settings on both the computers so I don't think so.

Is it something anyone can help?

Problem is resolved.

Trying to figured out what is going on, I exported an error log from the application.

These lines made me think of languages encoding:

--- Code: ---Culture ID 8192 (0x2000) is not a supported culture.
at System.Globalization.CultureTableRecord.GetCultureTableRecord(Int32 cultureId, Boolean useUserOverride)

--- End code ---

So, what I did:

I went to the Registry and made some changes.

Specifically, I followed the path:
ΗΚΕΥ_LOCAL_MACHINE  >  SYSTEM  >  CurrentControlSet  >  Control  >  Nls  >  CodePage

And then changed the value data for 1252 and 1254 (Western European) to 1253 (Greek).

After this, no error anymore.

Good detective work, Panos!


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