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First off, let me state I don't use Office 365 and I have never used Outlook so if you explain things please remember to "dumb it down" for this non-user.

I'm on the board of a very small Credit Union. We have 5 part time Office workers. Each person has his or her own computer.  We also have a server. The computers are new (perhaps purchased in April)  running Windows 10 and also Office 365 with Outlook. Everyone has an email address like this: first letter of first name followed by last name at name of credit union dot org.  (
One person out of the 5 is unable to receive emails. I sent one last night and it bounced then I remembered she can send and things can be forwarded to her but new email can't be received. (I only learned of this problem in late November). We have no IT person so since I know slightly more than the 5 users, I'm going to see if I can fix this.
I'm not sure if this is relevant but the person who can't receive email doesn't own a personal computer.  She has never owned one.

Also we have contracts with two different companies. One company makes sure the computers are patched and checks monthly and sends us a report. Another company does vulnerability testing monthly and sends us a report. So basically all 5 computers are pretty much alike.

What settings do I look at to see why she can't receive emails?

Can this person receive email in their Outlook web mailbox ... just not on the installed app?

The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant might be of help:

Aaron Hulett:

--- Quote ---I sent one last night and it bounced
--- End quote ---

The fact they can send means they're logging in successfully, so it's not a username/password/phone issue. Something's up with the account itself - start there.

What was the bounce reason? Mailbox full? Nonexistent? That may be able to help with what to look into.


--- Quote ---Can this person receive email in their Outlook web mailbox ... just not on the installed app?
--- End quote ---
That's above my paygrade, sorry.
I don't even know how they send emails. I guess I'll have to ask that question.

Since this person has never owned a computer, I'm guessing she wouldn't know how to surf nor use the internet so webmail would be unknown to her. But that is a guess. I'll find out tomorrow when the Credit Union is open for a few hours.

This is what I got from the mailer-daemon(I xx'ed out the name and organization)

--- Quote ---Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.
--- End quote ---

Aaron Hulett:
Someone needs to go into the email server's settings (I'm not even sure if it's Exchange/Microsoft 365, or some other server and the Office 365-based Outlook install is being used as the client, or ...) and double-check that things are set up right. I'm also wondering if the ability to send emails is through this account, or some other account that's been set up and, "It's working," but through some other account.

Whomever set up the email server/account should check on it, and that may mean it's beyond what we can try to offer here in terms of help.


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