Author Topic: problem occurs when i play some media directly from a disk or a flash drive etc.  (Read 2351 times)

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If i play some music or video in my PC, the sound goes scratchy. It happens when i do some other work in my PC while playing some media.
(work are like
 #copying something for removable media or from one local disk to other.
#scanning the computer.
#burning disk. Etc)
And the same problem occurs when i play some media directly from a disk or a flash drive etc.

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Hi, ank_dason.  Welcome to LandzDown Forum.

This isn't my area of expertise but let's start with a bit more information than you provided here or your thread at Microsoft Answers: problem with sound.

Please tell us about your computer -- what is the operating system, how old is your computer.  Is it a desktop or laptop.  Are you using the internal or external speakers?  What software are you using -- Windows Media Player, Zune Software, iTunes, etc?

How can I fix sound problems in Windows Media Player?

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Another important questions is, is your sound card built into the motherboard, or is it separate? (Sound cards that are built into the motherboard, on older computers, tend to have these kinds of issues)

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quick guess w/o knowing your pc...
perhaps the pc is over-worked and is spreading its resources around as best it can,
hence it ignores you, your music and your sound card for brief periods each second
leaving you with scratchy music.