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Renaming the User folder (Microsoft account)

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Time for a new topic. :)

I am helping a lady who recently bought a new computer. She signed in for a first time with a Microsoft account, and we all know that by default Windows takes the first 5 characters of the email used to name the User folder in C.

If she was signed in with a local account, she could put any name she wanted and then move to a Microsoft account with that name.

But what is happening now?

I had that problem of renaming my User folder some years ago and it was a pain.

Now, from what I read, I see that this could help, but I am not sure, and if you have any advice I would appreciate.

1. Create a new local account with admin privileges and the name she wants.
2. Sign in with that account.
3. Go to the Microsoft account and copy Documents, Pictures, Videos and AppData.
4. Paste the above to the new account.
5. Delete the Microsoft account.
6. Sign in with a Microsoft account, keeping the name she already has for the new account.

It is risky and I am not sure if it works.

What do you say?


Personally, I don't understand or see the need to rename the user folder.  I would also point out that it is risky to do so and could result in loss of data if done incorrectly.  It also isn't a one-step process. 

Although I haven't tested this myself so cannot verify the results, I did see the same procedure written at several sites.  This one appears to be nicely illustrated:  How to Change the User Folder Name in Windows 10].

Important:  If she decides to proceed with the change, I strongly recommend creating a System Restore Point first.


A wee bit OT question.
My husband doesn't have a MS email account so if I bought a new laptop for him with Windows 11, I'd have to open a MS email account for him before he could use the laptop?

For me, I'm done with Windows. Between my chromebook and 10" android tablet, I can do the little I need to do.

No, a Microsoft email account isn't required for a Microsoft account.  In fact, if a person changes their primary email address for one reason or another, they can also change the email address associated with their Microsoft account.  (See Change the email address or phone number for your Microsoft account.


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