Author Topic: Windows 10 anniversary update sound issue and solution  (Read 1197 times)

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Windows 10 anniversary update sound issue and solution
« on: September 15, 2016, 06:23:03 PM »
I thought I got the windows anniversary update in August, but apparently I did not.

It downloaded in this months windows update package.  I thought I'd give my experience in case it can help someone else.

I let the computer restart to install updates.

After rebooting, the notification panel said updates did not install.

Went the Update page of the Control Panel and it said updates were available.  What the heck? I just downloaded them all.

Anyway, I clicked to get updates and a status bar appeared on the update page and gave status in percentages for  downloading, then again for preparing.

Then it asked to restart.  So I let it, but the computer never turned off. It was on the restart rotating icon for several minutes and then I got another status bar for "preparing your Windows updates".

After that, another status bar for "installing updates".

Finally got to the lock screen and signed in.  I got to my desktop and notifications said "updates are waiting to install"

So I go to the update page again and more updates are offered. I  start downloading.  Preparing. Installing.  But no reboot was requested, even though the notice said a restart would be required.

So now I have the anniversary update and all is well, right?


I have no sound.  On hovering the sound icon I see it is set to headset.   I went to the playback devices page (right click sound  icon for the link)  And found both the headset and the speakers on.   What I had to do was set the speakers as the default, save and then the sound problem was sorted.

Anyway, there is all kind of stuff on the net about having to resetting the bitrate  or downloading new drivers, but in my case it was a simple matter of just choosing and then setting the default device.

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