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I inadvertently learned that IAMSKINZ passed away in Reno, Nevada on March 2, 2018.  Long-time LzD members know the history of the forming of this forum.  We were originally all part of the Lavasoft forums, helping under the direction of Jerry/"Skinz".  Some time ago, Jerry moved on and was no longer involved in forum help.  However, one thing that was always important to him was his writing.  Below is an example:

The sky is crying, goodbye my dear friend.

You took a chance on me, I hope you never regretted that.  For you, I changed my username from winchester73thegunthatwonthewest ...  ;)

I still remember that fateful day, on the phone with you, logged into the renegade chat room, trying to communicate plans and sort things out with everyone, saying some ugly but necessary things (still feel badly about what I said to normmork), then turning off the lights and bringing out the flag. We all landed on our feet at LzD, hope we made you proud during your dark days.  You had made your peace with your health the last time we spoke.

I’ve thought often of the father/daughter piece you wrote for Megan at voiceofthepublic ... it’s timely now that my own daughter is about the get married.

One last time ... "What are you arguing with me for, I ain't got a lick of sense."

See you on the other side Jerry.


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