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Our hearts are broken not only for ourselves at the loss of a long-time member but more so for our dearly loved GR@PH;<'S whose dear wife Netty is no longer with us. 

This we know, though, Netty will forever and always will be with you, Hammy.

The sky is crying   :'(

You are in our thoughts and prayers mate.

Very sad news! :'(  My condolences to GR@PH;<'S and the family!

Dear Hammy, this is so sad I don't know what to say to comfort you. May Netty rest in peace, and though we are kilometers away whatever you may need count on it if it's at my hand, just chatting or talking over the phone or what you may need, just name it.

You have to be brave my friend, and we are here to support you in every way we can. I know I'm not around much these days, but here I am to help you stand up and keep going on.

Excuse my rusty English, please, the intended words are there in a way or other.

A giant {{{HUG}}} accross the ocean, and my prayers for the soul of your beloved Netty.


Oh Dear Hammy

This is such sad news. *hugs* Netty will be greatly missed by us. Rest in peace dear one.

I am so sorry. Both Cannymum and I give you and your family our full support in any capacity we can manage.

We love you lots. Lean on us as you need.

Love always
Mel and Judy


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