Author Topic: MyPal Browser for ** XP ** (and beyond)  (Read 16974 times)

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Re: MyPal Browser for ** XP ** (and beyond)
« Reply #15 on: May 05, 2021, 01:25:03 PM »
MyPal 29.2.0

The update corresponds [to PaleMoon] version 29.2.0

No recent extensions restrictions. Use whatever you want at your own risk, all extensions will work same as earlier.

No video format options in preferences, i think that overloading preferences with not important things not needed at all, do you want all about:config stuff put into preferences?

New setting about supposedly set dark theme on the github not applied, i think this is useless thing as the captive portal.

Began improvement for multiprocess, took code from the newer firefox. This is for the next centaury versions, mypal as it was stays singleprocess.

Please note that PaleMoon language packs are not supported. For Mypal language packs, scroll down to the 29.0.1 release and check its assets.


Available via the internal updater:  Help / Check for updates

Full downloads available from