"Forgetful Browsing" Anti-tracking Coming to Brave Browser

Started by Corrine, May 14, 2023, 02:56:41 PM

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Via Brave unveils new "Forgetful Browsing" anti-tracking feature:

QuoteThe privacy-focused Brave Browser is introducing a new "Forgetful Browsing" feature that prevents sites from re-identifying you on subsequent visits.

This new feature will clear not only cookies at the sites you specify but also data in local storage and the cache when you close a website. While this will also automatically log users out of sites, it also prevents re-identification when they return to the site at a future time.

Users can enable "Forgetful Browsing" from the software's settings menu, either for all websites (global default) or for a specified list of sites.

The desktop version is planned for release in version 1.53 and the Android version in version 1.54.

See the referenced article for additional information.

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