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Started by 2harts4ever, October 29, 2016, 10:42:56 PM

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In terms of Edge (Chromium), SpywareBlaster offers two types of protection:

1) Cookies (prevents ads/tracking).   You can find these populated in EDGE under
    SETTINGS / Site Permissions / Cookies and Site Data > Block.
2) [Java] Scripts (prevents malicious, potentially unwanted, and/or ad / tracking / annoying scripts.   You can find these populated in EDGE under
    SETTINGS / Site Permissions / JavaScript > Block.

As best as I can tell, these are independent of SpywareBlaster's Restricted Sites list... I believe that list applies only to Internet Explorer.   I have posted at Wilder's hoping to obtain clarification/confirmation from JavaCool.


Just noticed that in Edge, implementation of SpywareBlaster's protection results in the message "Your browser is managed by your organization".
Unfortunately, even upon disabling protection, the message remains, as the two policy names, CookiesBlockedForUrls and JavaScriptBlockedForUrls are still "there", albeit with NO "policy values".
I've reported this in the SpywareBlaster Forum:   https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/spywareblaster-6-0-released-microsoft-edge-brave-vivaldi-windows-10-and-more.431613/page-2#post-2942138   
See attached screenshots.


Interesting.  For this update, I had to do a separate set up for Edge after enabling all protection.  And then afterward, had to enable all protection again.   

The set up screen offered 24 recommended  items to block, cookies and scripts.


Good afternoon, I need to temporary disable spywareblaster to download security software - disabled protection is not enough. Thanks.


It seems strange that SpywareBlaster would prevent the download of other security software... especially if you disabled all its protection --- once its protection is disabled, it shouldn't be doing anything whatsoever.   
So I suspect that something else is causing the interference.

It's possible that some other security software, upon installation, might object to the co-presence of SpywareBlaster... (for whatever petty reasons).

1) You can post your question, with details (e.g., WHAT security software you believe it's blocking, including screen shots of messages that make you believe SpywareBlaster is the culprit) in the SpywareBlaster forum at Wilders:   https://www.wilderssecurity.com/forums/spywareblaster-other-forum.23/
2) If you truly believe it's the problem, you can completely UNinstall SpywareBlaster, then retry to download/install the other security software.   If completely uninstalled, it can't possibly be a factor any more.   And once you download/install the other security software, you always have the option of reinstalling SpywareBlaster, if you wish to.



"It's possible that some other security software, upon installation, might object to the co-presence of SpywareBlaster... (for whatever petty reasons)."

Yes, that is my problem I was hoping for a better work around than uninstalling SWB.



That's why I suggested you post in the SpywareBlaster forum at Wilder's, where its author, Javacool often responds directly.

Let's put it this way... while uninstalling SWB wasn't what you were looking for, it's perhaps the easiest of security programs to uninstall and then reinstall.   Of course, depending on which security program was objecting to it, it may object again should you reinstall SWB.   In that case, you'll have to choose which program means more to you, if it turns out you can keep only one.


What software are you trying to download?
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SWB uninstalled and reinstalled along with my security software.  ;D


Thanks for the update notice.  I depend on these to keep this program updated. :)

Also wanted to mention that the Brave browser  is also on the protection list.


I updated the Spywareblaster Updates topic to include the full list of browsers that Spywareblaster works on.

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