Started by Gopher John, January 22, 2018, 10:07:08 PM

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Just revisiting here and following up on all the WinPatrol content/threads.

Only the other day I took Winpatrol off the last machine it was installed on.  I had a multi-pack license and over the last two years+ I've removed WP.

IMHO it is a sad story for Winpatrol and to be quite honest was expected and on my radar from fairly early on when Bill P sold the product.

Here are my reasons/views for it's demise.

1) When Ruiware took over they had an excellent product but with a huge user base with lifetime licenses = not much new revenue
2) Ruiware had some new product ideas that were planned to develop not new income but also a new novel security product(s) read WinPrivacy in the first instance
3) I was an early user invested in WinPrivacy and sent in many Emails/Reports directly with Bret regarding technical issues, problems, suggestions, etc         
4) It got to the point where WinPrivacy was a performance hog, intensive system scanner, and not really the product for me
5) When Winpatrol was updated for the first time by Ruiware I had issues.  On some systems there were no issues on others plenty
6) It go to the point where if Winpatrol was working OK I would leave it on that system.  If problems I would just remove it
7) Somewhere along the line WinPrivacy ceased to be and became another more Corporate based service offering (can't recall the name)

As mentioned I've not been following WinPatrol / Ruiware recently until today and as mentioned elsewhere on Landzdown matters are not good and I suspect the WinPatrol / Ruiware /Software products are history.

Very sad IMHO but I'm thinking that Bret had good/great intentions, needed revenue to make a going business concern and to work quickly needed some additional help/developers.

Sadly the cards and skills and time required were stacked against him.


Sadly, MrNick, it most certainly appears that your points are spot on and it is indeed very sad. 

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To me, it is not the lack of support, or even if the entire company is or has folded that bothers me (as sad as that may be for those depending on Ruiware to feed and shelter their families).

What bothers and frustrates me is the lack of information. I don't see why they cannot take a page out of the SpywareHammer playbook and announce they are closing up shop. There really is no shame in that.
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