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Started by SpyDie, May 15, 2006, 03:30:15 PM

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It was suggested we have a place for other member's to show off/link to their websites. Feel free to post links to your sites here, with descriptions.

Come on now, don't be shy!  :D
Beta. Software undergoes beta testing shortly before it's released. Beta is Latin for 'still doesn't work.'


This is a site that links back us here at LzD
but then I do have a vested interest in it  :hysterical:

A Professional mobile phone unlockeers,
only genuine electronics used to unlock your handset
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GR@PH;<'S   :breakkie:
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Q: does it work
A: It does seem to for a few hours at least.


my site ( homepage) deals with web safety, settings, and free protection/prevention software ;-)
to view it, just click my signature ;-)
if you visit, if nothing else read Tony K's " how did i get infected"
the latest report i read said a new computer without current anti-virus and working firewall has a life expectancy of less than 20 min !!!
you need to set IE  and OE correctly if you use them ( i recommend Firefox and Thunderbird myself), and have some anti-malware on your system or you will be a bot, or a full screen of popups ;-)
i have screenshots on how to install AVG and some info in french too

site info is kept current by a goat,doggie,  ghost and a Phantom


i am doing this for my roomate, he has problems ( birth defect , no thumbs, and built close to the ground)

he was rescued and now lives with me, had a tough life as it shows in a piece of missing ear and a pellet lodged in his skull.
but the pellet doesn't bother him and i found i just put strong magnets around the yard and he won't
run off and makes it easy to find him  :help:

so he has a website, but i have to do the work

first pic is right after his mommy left him here


When I am not at home watching my garden grow or playing an occasional round of golf I spend my time bird hunting in Nevada..

Here is my website..


Well... a bit embarassing to show such an oldie but it is my site all done in 1998 when all was safe and we could run a PC without even a antivirus.... Imagine!!!! eheh! I was hooked on applets then... and they had me go through sleepless nights trying to figure them out but that was part of the fun... Sorry, but most of it is froggy poetry... and applets... so it might not show right for most of you... but all is ok with IE browsers.

If ever you reach the page about my 2 sweetheart grand-kids... they are now 13 and 9... so you will see that it is a very old page... eheh!  :lol:

However, there has been a link to Landzdown there ever since Landzdown was born! :-)

Die Hard

Goatie :)

What a beautiful site you´ve got there. I didn´t understand a word but it was still mesmerizing.
And the music is also very good, you had the good taste to choose "Duelling banjos" to go with the wonderful images:

Die Hard :)
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As many of you know Security Central is my "home" site.

Landzdown is my second home!  hehehe  And MalwareComplaints is another site that you can find me alot.


Another good place to visit is "Ghosts Markers" by our friend 

GR@PH;<'S   :breakkie:
press Enter then have a Brandy then if the problem is still there have another Brandy
Q: does it work
A: It does seem to for a few hours at least.


I started my site three years ago. I did it to see if I could. Had no Idea what I was doing but I got one up and running. Boy was I happy when I got a couple of hits on it at the time. With-in the first year I was surprised by how it took off.
Not bad for a first try. I haven't changed it at all. Just keep adding to it. Tho some have said I should change the appearance. Why mess with a good thing I allways say.

Here is my site, Which is also my sig.

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Take a walk through the "Security Garden" -- Where Everything is Coming up Roses!

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After months of absence in my new work and also replacing expired power supply boxes in my units i finally can access the web. It's like discovering a long lost relative after many years of being missing but here i return again.

I discovered my own Amusement Park Website is still up and accepting views so here is my little addition that i put together while i was still green under the collar as to  do  with webservices and the like. I hope some find at least the colors and music to their tastes, i favor 60's style old radio variety and pop hits but it was really intentded for a local audience where at one time it was America's Most favored family Park and amusement rides facilty. ONCE-UPON-A-TIME of course.

Feel free to check out the VALID url:



I offer computer help on my website.  Check out my signature for the link.
Need computer help?  Get it for FREE at:


Hey ya'll,

Well, we've started a new one...not much to see yet...perhaps [username] can help us fix it up some; Mikey's Stuff

We're already starting to see some very talented folk join up...some you may already know. :)

I personally like best talking about site and server admin as well as knowing a little about web parasites and security issues. NW likes best making and talking custom emoticons and in general. But we'd love to have your experience too.


Corrine, thx for inviting me to make this post.

NW says 'Hi'


"Spyware/adware is NOT freeware, it costs all of us dearly." SpywareWarrior

Mikey's Stuff

Fiddler and friends...essential web diagnostic, forensic, & development tools.

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hi Mikey

i'm pretty busy trying to figure out this "linux thing" a bit and have some things going on at the home front now

but i have a suggestion
i would say take a look at "filezilla"
i've been using it for a few years and they keep making improvements and filezilla 3 is in a beata mode now
i'm kinda a lightweight and just using my dialup's  webspace.

and my dialup seems to be the biggest threat to my site at times ;-D

   Ability to resume Uploads/Downloads (if the server supports it)   
    Custom Commands
    Site Manager with folders
    Keep Alive system
    Timeout detection 
     Firewall support
     SOCKS4/5 and HTTP1.1 Proxy support
      SSL secured connections
      SFTP support
      Upload/Download Queue 
      Multi-language support
      GSS authentication and encryption using Kerberos