Started by DR M, April 10, 2020, 04:28:25 PM

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Can anyone tell me about this application?

It's rather popular these days. I read some things, but I would like some more info about its usage and usefulness.  :)

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Generally, it's a document management tool. While it can support extras, like workflows, at the end of the day the heart of it is providing a location to store documents and work on them collaboratively. It supports change controls so if someone comes in and "poorly edits" a document it can be reverted back to a previous copy. It supports permissions, as well as sharing with 'external contacts' (those outside the organization).

Depending on how large the organization is and/or how willing folks are to use it as it's intended, this can either be an awesome tool or a giant pain.

Wikipedia does a good job of giving the layout of the land:

Anything specific you were looking to understand better?