Pale Moon Affiliate Partnership with NordVPN

Started by Corrine, May 06, 2023, 01:06:26 AM

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From Partnership with NordVPN! by Moonchild:

QuoteI'm happy to announce that Pale Moon now has an affiliate partnership with NordVPN!

As you may be aware, using a web browser on open or public networks (including "guest" WiFi often seen in hotels, at airports, in coffee shops or even public transport) can be potentially risky if you don't necessarily trust the network you are connecting to. This can impact your security, your privacy, or even cause risks like connection hijacking and fake DNS.
In this case using a VPN is a safe way to "tunnel out of" the risky environment. With the general privacy and security awareness of our user base it seemed a good plan to me to make a partnership with one of the largest VPN providers available, NordVPN, offering VPN connectivity for those users who prefer using a VPN to connect to the net as a whole.

Of course using a VPN has some other benefits, like being able to access region-locked media, or not exposing your public IP address, aside from what I outlined above.

If you are interested, you can go to their website by clicking this link, or using the logo that I placed on the Pale Moon home page (and first-run page). These are affiliate links and if you purchase their services, the Pale Moon project will get a commission. This is even the case if you already have a NordVPN account but use the links to make additional purchases or renewals - so you can support us that way while not changing anything else to your setup in that case!

Please note that we will not be integrating any VPN service into the browser or otherwise take away your equal choice of VPN provider. It is still Your browser, Your way, like always. The only difference is the suggestion to use the affiliated VPN provider which will in turn provide some extra support for the project.

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