Remembering DieHard

Started by Corrine, April 21, 2008, 11:22:52 PM

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Quote from: winchester73 on April 22, 2008, 03:13:04 AM
QuoteBjörn, you were taken from us too soon.  RIP mate.  I hope you run into Pat up there, and you are both at peace.
Björn was a "Knight" of the highest caliber to me.  Our paths intersected more than once at a time when I was not only new to forum communications, but cleaning a computer, so you can imagine the difficulties we both had...
I was nervous about running programs/creating logs..."tools" that made no sense to me and Die Hard always responded with clarity and a smiley.  Sounds trite, but the addition of the smiley, along with confidence in his expertise, kept me calmer in the challenge.

When one particular challenge was over (finally!) I wrote a goofy poem to him and this past week when his birthday came up on the forum calendar, I went back to re-read his response as a reminiscence, which I'll share with you all here:

Quote from: DieHard
QuoteI´m so glad the problems are sorted out and the computer is back to normal.   

Your poem is beautiful, I´d say it´s the best thank you we´ve ever had, thank you very much   
I´m glad I have ears as stoppers, or the smile I have would cut my head in two halfs. 

He was not only a very dedicated, hard working, knowledgeable expert, but a sweet, kind hearted spirit. I was able to sense all those qualities in the short time period he reached out a hand to me.

My heart goes out to his family as well as his LandzDown family that share the grief.

For those interested, the poem:
Quote from: Ripley
QuoteOnce upon a time... in computerland...there was a damsel in distress.  She was a queen of one of the castles in computerland.  She had constructed a motte all around and built her fortress wall high around her castle.
She even had centurian guards patroling regularly, scanning every crook & cranny to keep her protected.
One day her young daughter met an enticing suitor at the castle gate and let him in.  But neither did this young girl know that this suitor concealed a foe named clickspring, and soon two of the trusted centurians named AdAware and Ewido approached the queen announcing that they knew there were trojans hiding in the castle, but were unable to completely slay them.

So a decree went out all over the land and a message was received that help would be arriving from a land, a land far far away, named Landzdown.
Soon a Knight in shining armor by the name of Die Hard and his trusted companion Winchester 73 examined many castle documents and logs and told the damsel what she needed to do.

And yet the queen was unfamiliar with dealing with these trojans.
She listen to the Knights, but she floundered and yet these Knights were patient...they knew when to say something and when to let the queen figure some things out for herself, (because it was HER castle) this way, she still felt like a queen, and she LEARNED how to deal with trojans which helped the future of her Queendom.

The damsel was then able to roust out those trojans, and place them in a temporary dungeon.
They are waiting execution and now the castle is back to it's merry festivities.
This morning, AdAware & Ewido announced to the queen that a full castle search was conducted and no foes were hiding in the fortress.

And she lived happily ever after...thanks to her Knights in shining armor from Landzdown!


Ripley ... I had to smile when I read Die Hard's reply to you.

"I´m glad I have ears as stoppers, or the smile I have would cut my head in two halfs" ... typical of his humor.

Thanks for sharing.

I finally found a worthy tribute to DieHard ...

"A good leg will fall.  A straight back will stoop.  A black beard will turn white.  A curled pate will grow bald.  A fair face will wither.  A full eye will wax hollow.  But a good heart is the sun and the moon, for it shines bright and never changes, but keeps its course truly."

(William Shakespeare, Henry V)
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Ripley, thank you and that was a wonderful
exchange between you two and just the way he is/was

"The most beautiful flower loses her beauty one day, but a hard faithful friend an eternity"
"Beauty that is not hidden to deepest of my soul can be seen that with eyes of the heart"

'Never Forget'


I'm sad to hear this.

My condolences to DieHard's friends and family.


I am sorry it took this to finally get around to joining this forum.  I have no witty words.  We lost one of the best.


I did not know him well but have met him at a number of Swedish or Swedish speaking forums and I apreciated him. I will miss him if for no other reason than that is so pleasent to meet other Swedes in in this circle.

Mina varmaste kondoleanser till hela Björns familj.
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I'm very sorry to hear about your friend DieHard, by looking at the posts, it looks as if he was a well liked and very knowledgeable man. No words could ever replace the loss of a friend or family member, only the memories and what's in the heart helps us along.


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May the wind sing to you and the sun rise in your heart.

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My thoughts go out to Björn's family.  DieHard's dancing avatar always put a smile on my face every time I saw it just dancing away.  It still does.


Quote from: hayc59 on April 22, 2008, 03:09:42 PM

Quoteand just the way he is/was

Quote from: winchester73 on April 22, 2008, 03:08:42 PM
    Ripley ... I had to smile when I read Die Hard's reply to you.

    "I´m glad I have ears as stoppers, or the smile I have would cut my head in two halfs" ... typical of his humor.

Actually, I thought it was precious and a delightful expression of his humor as well.

Since hearing the news, I've spent some time re-visiting his prior memories/posts here at LandzDown and thoroughly enjoyed coming across his discovery during a genealogy search he must have been on at one time  :lol:
Beyond the sensitivities to political groups or his Swedish heritage, I just delighted in the fun and good natured humor he shared with us whenever he had time such as this.

He will truly be missed, but we can treasure the times he shared with us and smile remembering we have "ear stoppers".


Geez you guys and your warm heartfelt thoughts are making me cry again.  I thought I was done. 

Thank you all for sharing your wonderful memories of him.  I am really gonna miss that guy.



This is a shock and a heartfelt loss to me.  Diehard was such a terrific guy and a help to so many.  He was truly a "class act" without even trying and very knowledgeable about malware removal which he shared with all he could.  He was committed and so kind to be helping so many.

My condolences to his family and all his friends.  He was very highly regarded by all that knew him (me included).  We have lost a champion here :(
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"The most beautiful flower loses her beauty one day, but a hard faithful friend an eternity"
"Beauty that is not hidden to deepest of my soul can be seen that with eyes of the heart"

'Never Forget'


I will post what I wrote before, because I don't have words.

I feel terrible today. I'm so sorry for such a loss. Björn and I have spent some nights chatting about life in general, and I remember him as a very warm and passionate person.

Please give my salute to his family. Having so many bad people in the world we have to lose the one that enlighten us. Sometimes life seems to be so unfair...

I can't write more. Sorry.
I'm back (again and again)!!!


My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. 
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