Is this a genuine forum?

Started by zumlif, July 19, 2011, 05:46:15 PM

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I have received an email containing a "personal message" to me about a forum. It is signed as below:-
"The Suggest A Fix PC Support Forums team."
Is this genuine? I haven't come across it before and I am wary of uninvited emails other than from sites I know.
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There is a legitimate "Suggest A Fix PC Support Forum", but it is quite odd that you would get an unsolicited email.  Are you registered at that forum?  If so, are you a current poster there?

If you mouse over the links in the email, what do you see as the embedded links?
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Hi, zumlif.

I recognize two of the Moderator names there.  However, like Winchester73, I would be suspicious of what is essentially a spam invitation to a site. 

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