Auslogics Disc Defragmenter

Started by Basil, February 19, 2014, 07:16:25 PM

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I have been using it for a while and today I attempted to update, from the Auslogics site, to the new version 4.5

Firstly, there is a pre-checked option to also download "My PCBackup". Un-checking that, and trying to continue, I get an NOD32 Antivirus warning, as shown at the bottom. It seems that un-checking the option  makes no difference.... :uhm:

Has Auslogicks moved over to the "Dark Side"?... :moreevil:
What difragmenters do other people use?


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I use Auslogics myself.

Just went to their download site, unticked the add-on, and installed.  No warnings at this end.

Wonder if it is similar to this:
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Quote from: Corrine on February 19, 2014, 07:42:11 PM
Have you tried Unchecky

I haven't even heard of it, Corrine.... :wink:
I will do a bit of reading and try it! Thank you.

This is very strange, Bill. I assume you use NOD32.
I am tempted to click "No Action" on the NOD32 warning and after the download carry out a scan and see what happens... :wub:


I no longer use NOD32, but at the moment I have my hands on a box that does have it installed.

There was no peep on either box with MSE installed.  I manually checked to see if anything had installed along with Disk Defrag, there wasn't anything.

I don't use Pale Moon, but I shouldn't think that would have made a difference.

Auslogics is a certified Microsoft® Gold Application Developer, I wouldn't think they'd risk that by turning to the "dark side".  It seems that the download links on their site are only their own at the moment, no c|net default location as in previous versions.
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Interesting (at least to me) ...

Digging further:

Cloud_Backup_Setup.exe seems to be digitally signed by JDI Backup Ltd, and related to MyPC Backup.exe, the main executable file of MyPC Backup (MyPCBackup LTD).  It doesn't appear to be malicious, but since it comes bundled with adware and PUPs, it is being triggered by NOD32. It also displays pop-up notifications every few hours in the lower right hand corner that your files are not backed up.

That doesn't solve why you are getting the alert if you un-tick the pre-checked option.
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Well...I ignored the NOD32 warning and continued with the download. You see, I am very curious...... :look:
I then run a scan and NOD32 found two entries of the same "infection".
Win32/My PCbackUp. A potentially unwanted application.

NOD32 has cleared the unwanted application and subsequent scan gives a clean bill of health.

It looks that Auslogics disregards the un-ticing of the option and carries on regardless.... :wub:
If this is not going to the dark side, I don't know what is.... :lol:

.....and because they have annoyed me, I have completely uninstalled their defragmenter...!!


It looks that Auslogics have been on the Dark Side for some time....  :exorcize:


Decision made .... :mitch:

I will stay with the Vista in built defragmenter.
Yes...I know some will disagree, but to be honest, I don't see any difference in the performance of the machine, whichever defragmenter I use.

Ok...the Vista in built defrg does not look very good, as it has zero feedback on what is happening....But what the heck...this is probably only cosmetic.... :lol: