Mozilla Firefox Version 29.0 Released

Started by Corrine, April 29, 2014, 04:43:41 PM

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Disable all telemetry via this Mozilla KB article.
As enabled telemetry does collect information from you:
QuoteUsage statistics or "Telemetry" is a feature in Firefox that sends Mozilla usage, performance, and responsiveness statistics about user interface features, memory and hardware configuration. Your IP address is also collected as a part of a standard web log. Usage statistics are transmitted using SSL and help us improve future versions of Firefox. Once sent to Mozilla, usage statistics are aggregated and made available to a broad range of developers, including both Mozilla employees and public contributors.
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I've been on a bit of a browser kick lately since trying Pale Moon for a few weeks and the recent IE scare. I tried FF years ago and ultimately decided to delete it and stick with IE, yet now I cannot remember why.

Like siljaline stated earlier, I don't understand the actual benefits/differences of using PM instead of FF. In fact, when I run programs such as CCleaner, it states that it's cleaning FF-related items, even though I had PM, not FF, installed. Interesting. It appears my computer reads PM as FF. (yup, put me on the 'stupid' list)

Also, a "thank you" nod to siljaline for mentioning telemetry. Nice to learn. I hate snoops! Funny thing is, PM does not offer any tab in advanced options for "Data choices", whereas FF does. Maybe there's a way to turn off telemetry in PM, but I couldn't find it. Thus, I have now downloaded FF 29.0 to check it out. Hmmm, that now gives me 3 browsers to fool around with.

Still reading and learning. Please continue. :wink:
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Just wanted to report that I did update to FF 29, and with the help of the Classic Restore extension and a couple others, have Firefox configured in a way that works for me.   

Functionally, there are some problems in the default installation---like the bookmarks star icon sending stuff to the unsorted bookmarks instead of giving you a choice what to do with them.   Somehow, the addition of the little animation didn't make up for not having flexibility where to send the bookmark.  However, that too was remedied with an extension.

I figure as long as I can somehow make it do what I want, I'll stay in the development queue.  If they really mess up though, I'll probably go to Pale Moon.


JDBush61, Pale Moon doesn't use telemetry, it hasn't since long before version 12 (over 2 years ago) if it ever did.

Ccleaner doesn't differentiate between FF and PM - unless you use the winapp2.ini ( - which includes a check box for PM Telemetry - that's one for your stupid list) - even then, CC itself might bug you to close PM when there are no PM related boxes checked.

There's a post on the PM forum which contains details of how they differed at the release of the first PM 24 version, back in mid-September:

That PM Announcements section contains both older and newer details, should anyone want to go back further or get updated on more recent changes/differences.

QuoteA note about features different from Firefox
Pale Moon 24.0 deviates from Firefox in a number of ways. The most important changes are outlined below:

    Pale Moon retains the graphical tab switching pane with quick filter in lieu of the removed Tab Groups feature.
    The tab switching pane is accessed from Ctrl+Tab -> Show all {n} tabs or by hitting Ctrl+Shift+Tab
    Pale Moon retains the option to hide the tab bar with only one tab. If you prefer to work with multiple, single-page windows, you won't be wasting any screen space. Like in Firefox versions prior to 23, there is an option to "Always show the tab bar" in your Options -> Tabs pane to control this feature.
    Pale Moon retains and expands on the browser-wide option to load images in web pages. In your Options -> Content pane, you will find options to apply to the browser overall:
    - Load images automatically: loads images in web pages automatically (the default) if the are not otherwise blocked per-site
    - Never load images: prevent images from loading, e.g. very useful for very slow wireless/sat connections or on tightly-metered connections to save bandwidth and allowed internet volume
    - Originating server only: only loads images from the website you are visiting, and doesn't load images from other sites. Your results may vary with this option selected
    In addition, you can fine-tune this behavior per-site by checking "Page info" (in the right-click menu of a page) -> Permissions -> "Load images"
    More recovery options in the safe mode dialog box. Contrary to Firefox which only allows you to start in safe mode or to completely reset your user profile, Pale Moon offers you a number of options for troubleshooting without having to completely reset or do advanced troubleshooting in safe mode manually. You will have the option to Disable all add-ons and start the browser that way, Reset toolbars and controls (if the UI is messed up), Reset the bookmarks database in case of serious corruption, Reset all user preferences, and reset search providers in case they got corrupted or hijacked.
    Resetting your profile is instead done from Help -> Troubleshooting information after you have started the browser, in case of serious trouble (hopefully you won't need this very often ;) ).
    Pale Moon retains the "Send Link" "Send Page" options for quick sending of a URL in your default e-mail client. This saves you from having to manually copy and paste the URL of a page.
    Pale Moon displays secure sites differently than Firefox - for a more in-depth explanation, see this post:
    No WebRTC. Pale Moon does not include WebRTC functionality.
    Both by popular vote and because it would go beyond the scope of a web browser, WebRTC is not included in Pale Moon. Pale Moon aims to remain a web browser and not become a pseudo-voice/video chat client; there are plenty of dedicated programs out there for that purpose already. In addition, it's not even a W3C recommendation or part of any standard at the moment.
    No Telemetry, no Health Report. Pale Moon values your privacy and will not collect, store or send any data about the browser's behavior (and as a result, your browsing behavior) anywhere.


"the bookmarks star icon sending stuff to the unsorted bookmarks instead of giving you a choice what to do with them..."

If you DOUBLE-CLICK on the bookmarks star, it will immediately offer you an opportunity to place/sort your bookmark into the bookmark folder of your choice.

Alternatively, if you clicked only once --- placing it in the "unsorted bookmarks" folder, you should note the star icon changed from an "outline", to a "solid-blue" (representing EDIT MODE):  you can then click on it again, to edit/move the bookmark as desired.

[Credit:   I picked-up this trick/feature from Hernan "Iroc9555"]


Among other Mozilla revelations of late, the Firefox Team plans on adding semi-silent updates to old versions to get everyone current
Those running old versions should be current ! But holds-outs *Not Advised* could disable the Maintenance Service.

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Agreed! Not advised. Better to move to Pale Moon if you don't want the Firefox auto update feature that will include Adobe Flash and/or Microsoft Silverlight.

I find it interesting that Firefox is including BOTH Flash and Silverlight. No other browser is doing both, are they?
AKA Fran


As I read it, the auto-update feature being discussed will update just Firefox itself... but not other add-ons / extensions.

Flash, for example, has its updates controlled upon installation and/or via the Flash Player entry in one's control panel --- click therein on the Advanced tab to set/change how you want Flash to go about updating [including the "not recommended" choice of "never check(ing) for updates".

Internet Explorer also allows users to install both Flash and Silverlight.

Indeed, while Flash and Silverlight are similar in functionality, they are invoked on different sites.  Silverlight is sometimes described as "Microsoft's proprietary analog of Flash", as it is used (instead of Flash) on many Microsoft sites.
Here is a Silverlight test
Here is the corresponding Flash test
[And here is a java version ]
You'll need each, in order to view content on all sites.


Martin Brinkmann writes:
QuoteMozilla launched in-content tabs in Firefox 15 to get away from the settings window that opens up when you click on options in the browser. With Firefox 32, Firefox will load preferences in a tab by default.
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A number of folks are noting with Firefox 29.0.1 |

Firefox 30.0 is slated for release on or about June 10.

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Thanks, siljaline.  That was listed under Known Issues with the 29.0.1 update.  With so many affected, it seems like a rather serious bug for the release to have gone forward before being resolved.

Quoteunresolved                 Slow shut downs lead to 'Firefox is already running' warning (see 966469 and 985655

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We'll see within the release notes of Firefox 30.0 if the unexpected shutdown | app hangs are fixed.

FF Beta 30 does not have these issues fix for those that may have thought installing the 30.0 Beta would beat-the-heat, it won't.

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