Just lost my wife of 47 years of marriage

Started by The Howling Wolves, January 12, 2015, 02:57:30 AM

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The Howling Wolves

My wife, Donna, was diagnosed with MS over 30 years ago.
The last 8 years I retired early to stay home to provide care for her as MS went to the Progressive Stage.
She was bedridden, no control of bowels or bladder, and unable to stand on her own.
Her courage in handling this speaks volumes of the type of lady she was. No complaining or whining just A True Warrior!

This past Thanksgiving Day I got her to the ER where they found fluid in the lungs and Pneumonia setting in along with a Bowel Obstruction.
With her immune system being slim to none the chances of recovery were the same.
They could have done surgery to remove the bowel obstruction but would have been on the ventilator, being tube fed and in a coma.

I sat beside her and explained what the doctor's had said where she moved her head side to side telling me she didn't want anymore of this.
She passed away peacefully and with dignity just as she wanted to leave this earth.

As she took her last breath I closed her eye's and kissed her good bye telling her we will meet again.
She is now in God's Kingdom without any pain, suffering and free of MS.
She will always be The Wind Beneath My Wings.


From the first time I "met" you about 5 years ago at another forum, Dennis, Donna was your first priority.  Her courage was due to your love and support.  She will always be with you.  Jerry and I had the same time together and, in the same way, I know he will always be with me.    :hug:

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Greetings from the GREAT Country of TEXAS,

May I convey my condolences to you and family.  I too lost my 'Wife" of 48.5 years in May, 2012.  Know the need to maintain control of our lives to go forward with our heads held HIGH and very proud of our lost companion and the BEST half of our lives.  That is the main issue we as the remaining living of our lives needs to face and keep going.  It is not an easy task but can be done with pride and joy.  The one part that cannot be taken from us is our MEMORIES together.  Keep the FAITH . .
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Dear Dennis,

My most heartfelt condolences on the passing of your beloved wife.


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We send our prays and thoughts to you and your family.
I am sure that you will one day be reunited.

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I just saw this Dennis and I am so sorry