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Started by winchester73, April 01, 2015, 02:08:41 PM

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Welcome to LandzDown Forum.  :)

You have likely found your way here due to malware on your computer.  We will do our best to assist you.  However, in order to do so, please follow all of the Log Posting Instructions in the sequence given.  If you have questions regarding any of the instructions or problems running any tools, please let us know.

For other problems or computer-related questions, see the Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! forum.

The LandzDown Forum Rules are intended to help foster friendly, respectful and pleasant interaction, and you are required to abide by these rules:

1.  Don't spam.  We have a zero tolerance policy, do it once and you'll be banned.
2.  No posts of a religious or political nature.  Nothing starts a fight faster than politics or religion, so we don't allow these topics to be discussed. That means Never Ever.
3.  No personal insults. This should be self explanatory.
4.  Be civil. Nothing sabotages a healthy discussion like rudeness.  Don't post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech. NO "ranting", bashing", "flaming", or other emotion-laden posts about any persons or products.
5.  Be kind. No one likes a bully.  Name-calling, etc, is not tolerated.
6.  Keep it clean. Don't post anything obscene or sexually explicit. Links to adult sites are not allowed.
7.  Respect one another. Don't harass or troll anyone, impersonate another person, or expose someone's private information.
8.  Private Messages (PMs) are "private".  They are not to be posted on the open forum without the permission of their original authors. If someone is concerned about the content of a PM that they receive, they should report it to the moderators who will consider what action is to be taken.
9.  Use discretion in posting images.  Images in posts, signatures, avatars and profiles should be suitable for viewing at an average workplace (nudity and other adult themes are unacceptable). Please exercise discretion when posting pictures in the forum.
10. Keep personal information private. The Internet is Forever.  This is a public forum and all posts here are easily found via search engines.  Keep the language, links, and images safe for family and friends.  Unless you're willing to expose your information to the world, please do not post telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
11. No advertising or soliciting services. Likewise, affiliate links, coupons and offers are not welcome.
12. No more than one account can be created for any reason (testing, avoiding bans, etc). Creating new accounts will result in a permanent ban of all existing AND future accounts. Do not discuss any bans on other sites, or ask anyone to reach out to those sites.

Please note:  The Private Message (PM) system is intended for personal and private communications only. The PM system should not be used in lieu of the public forums for requesting technical assistance or for help with computer issues.  All requests for help must be posted in a topic on the forum where the poster will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of all members.  All help must be provided in the forums.  In this manner, many others will benefit from the answers and solutions provided.  Do not send unsolicited PMs to forum staff to request technical assistance - support will not be provided via the PM system.

Final Notes

1.  This site does not support the use of warez or "cracked" programs.  Support for, discussion of, or promotion of sites offering cracks, warez, torrents, pornography or any other illegal material or any software created to download any of the above (this includes nulled, copied or any other illegal software or operating systems) is forbidden.  The term "warez" includes, but is not limited to, software cracks, keygens, sharing private licenses and/or usernames & passwords, providing unauthorized copies of software including unofficial mirrors and file sharing, or any other means of circumventing the sale and/or distribution of software beyond those provided by the vendor.  If the presence of pirated/cracked software is detected on your computer, your topic will be closed. 

2.  We will not assist with recovery of or figuring out of system passwords or passphrases, for any reason. Workarounds which compromise security, bypass password protection, or otherwise go to gain unauthorized access to private data or information is prohibited.

3.  We cannot undertake the liability of a business-owned asset.  If you are having problems with a business machine, please consult your IT Department or System Administrator.  It is further advisable that you consult your employer's "Acceptable Usage Policy" to ensure that you are not in breach of Company rules by attempting to fix a business asset.

4.  Please be patient.  The experts will review your logs and get back to you.  However, they are all volunteers and may not be available to assist when you post.

5.  Please subscribe to your topic so you will receive a notification when you have received a reply. 
  • Click the "Notify" button at the top of the thread. 
  • Click OK to the popup reading "Are you sure you wish to enable notification of new replies for this topic?"

The LandzDown Team

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