Facebook like farming, what is the end game?

Started by orillia3, April 07, 2017, 08:27:13 PM

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I have been trying to find out what the end game is on Facebook like farming.  They must be aware of the scamming/spamming going on and apparently Facebook is to blame, not exactly sure how, but the value of the pages seem to increase with more likes and shares, even if fraudulently obtained. 

Typical spamming includes a downs syndrome child who nobody says is beautiful or nobody comes to her party, and you have to like and type amen. Or a veteran in a nursing home that did not receive birthday wishes, like and wish happy birthday. Type yes if you support the troops.  Type yes if you support Donald Trump.  Type yes if don't support Donald Trump. Type yes if you hate cancer. Type in the name of your dead dad if you love him. Exorbitant contests like expensive cars that you have to like the page and type in the color you want to win, open box ipads and motor homes they are never awarded. . I have had to stop the sharing of a couple of friends because they literally fill my news feed with this drivel.

Facebook must be aware of all the scamming going on.  My guess is there is money in it somewhere for Facebook, maybe advertisers are pedaled high usage rating because of all this junk activity.  I have not found out what the money is in for these like farmers, or there must be a pay off of some sort.


It is referred to as "like-farming" and it seems the same people fall for all of them.  Facebook Posts Asking You to Type ‘Amen’ To Help Children or Animals Are Like-Farming Scams Not Hackers â€" Hoax-Slayer

One thing to consider is having your privacy settings so posts are only seen by friends, not "global".

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