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Started by ChuckRJr, June 09, 2018, 05:17:51 PM

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Has anyone use the System Tuneup application in this program?  I have Windows 7 Professional 64bit.  There are 33 items that are not Optimized.  There is an option that says System Default, which I assume returns those items back to the current defaults.
I can't find information about the applications also.


I finally found Help on the applications.  A little sparse.


I do not ever recommend using a registry cleaner or system optimizer and strongly advise against it.  However, it is your computer and certainly your choice.  Note, however, that modifying registry keys incorrectly can cause Windows instability or make Windows unbootable.  With registry cleaner and system optimization software programs, the potential is ever present to cause more problems than they claim to fix.  In addition, Microsoft does not support the use of registry cleaners.  See Microsoft support policy for the use of registry cleaning utilities.

If you would like your computer checked, feel free to post the requested logs in the Analysis and Malware Removal forum.

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QuoteThere are 33 items that are not Optimized.
If that very vague description is all it gives you, I would not trust it.

There is only one Registry cleaner I trust and that is the one in CCleaner - and that is only because it is NOT very aggressive, it always prompts to back up the Registry, and the Registry restore feature actually works.

BUT I don't even recommend it unless it is something you have been using since day 1 with the computer. That is, I only use it for regular maintenance. I don't ever use it to fix a broken machine. While I personally have not had problems with CCleaner, and I've used it many times on many computers, there are reports of unusable computers after running CCleaner. :( And again, IMO, that is, by far, the best cleaner out there. So regardless, you should ensure you have backed up any and all files you don't want to lose before even thinking of dinking with the Registry with any program, including Windows' own Registry Editor.

I tried Wise Registry Cleaner in the past. I asked it to analyze my perfectly running computer and it really scared me. It found 1000s of "problems"  :o . I immediately backed out and uninstalled it.

I would research those 33 items and see if they really "need" to be optimized or not. And if so, I would go by the developer's recommendations, not some 3rd party program.

And to Corrine's point - she's right. Microsoft really is very good at keeping Windows running properly. And the way the Registry works, it really does not matter if there are a bunch of orphaned entries in there. That does not impact performance. If your programs are not running correctly, and that is due to corrupt or incorrect Registry entries, it is probably best to either run the application's repair feature (if it has one), or totally uninstall the program, reboot the computer, and install the latest version of that program again.
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I don't recommend using any programs like that either.

Here's someone who used Wise Care and it slowed down his computer.

Unfortunately when he removed it, I suspect it did not undo the changes it made.

Don't allow any program to make 33 unknown changes at once to your computer. The safe thing to do is to find directions for a problem, manually make 1 change and write it down. If it doesn't work after a few days of use, undo the change yourself.
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