FireFox plans to remove legacy extensions from the Add-Ons catalogue

Started by pastywhitegurl, August 29, 2018, 01:13:18 PM

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I just ran across this on the Mozilla page of DSLreports:

QuoteMozilla AMO hosts legacy add-ons and WebExtensions currently; going forward, Mozilla wants to purge legacy add-ons from the site as those are no longer compatible with any supported version of the Firefox web browser.

I'm thinking this is going to be a problem for Pale Moon users.


I have xpi files archived on a USB stick.
Of course, Palemoon lists most of them as legacy and they are no longer updated.
Palemoon users will have to see if there are replacements for favorite addons.

Here are 52 xpi files

I'm sure there are others who have xpi files up.

I've found replacements for most of the xpi files I liked in the FF Quantum choices.
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You're correct, it will be a problem for Pale Moon users who are using legacy extensions only if they need to reinstall the extensions.  Since they are legacy, updates aren't being installed on Pale Moon.  For add-ons beyond the 52 at github, you can also do the following:

1.  First check Pale Moon - Add-ons - Extensions to find out if the legacy extension is available.  For example, Back to Top is a favorite legacy extension that I find very useful in navigating long pages.  Instead of scrolling to the top or bottom of a web page, a click of the arrow takes me where I want to go.  It isn't included in github but is available at Pale Moon as are a couple other popular extensions, such as FEBE and Tab Mix Plus.

2.  If no compatible version of a legacy extension is available at the Pale Moon or github sites, there is a way to specifically save legacy Firefox extensions that work on Pale Moon.
-- Go to the Firefox page for the extension, scroll down to Version History and click the link for "See all versions". 
-- At the most recent older version that does not have the "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox." notation, right-click the "+ Add to Firefox" link and select "Save link as", saving the XPI file to your Downloads or other preferred location.
-- With Pale Moon, click File > Open File and navigate to the saved XPI file.
-- Click the saved file and select Open.
-- You will be presented with the normal "Install now" option when installing extensions.

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