Chrome, Firefox, & Edge approaching v.100... some websites may break.

Started by ky331, February 17, 2022, 06:15:38 PM

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As both the Chrome and Firefox [and Edge] browsers approach their 100th versions... the triple-digit release numbers coded in the browsers' User-Agents (UAs) could cause issues with a small number of sites, much like the Y2K bug.


That seems... ...dumb.  ::)

I wonder if those sites are looking specifically for a 2-digit "number" - as in 2 numeric characters only? If simply looking for 2 characters, then using alphanumeric version numbers would increase the number of 2-"character" version numbers almost exponentially. Even more so if "special" or any ASCII characters could be used.
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Given that the JavaScript libraries that cause the problems will probably "sanitize" the input, there is a big chance they will not accept "A0" as a replacement for "100" either.

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