Registry Defrag

Started by techie, May 31, 2008, 05:57:31 AM

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We defrag our hard drives and run registry and file cleaners. Some say there just snake oil. Well if the registry is bloated from adding and removing software it fragments just like the hard drive over time. I found a free registry defrag program that seems to do the job. I have tested in XP and Vista without any problems. States it supports as far back as WIN 98.



Thanks for the heads up I sure that there will be a few members go download it.

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Thanks techie for posting the link to your registry defrag software.  :thumbsup:  Another link and opinion is always good to have.

I have been using for sometime, not often, but have not had a problem with it.  I like the fact that I can Analise the registry before proceeding with the defrag option.
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I would recommend that you use a registry cleaner like the one built into Ccleaner before running the registry defrag.