Printer not working after RAM upgrade

Started by pastywhitegurl, July 16, 2022, 04:04:28 AM

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So I was jubilant too soon after my "successful" RAM update.   I just discovered that my Xerox printer is not hearing the print commands.  It says "printing" but the printer does not print.  This is what I've done so far.

My printer has always been listed in the command screens as Xerox PCL6 Class Driver V1.1   When I ran the troubleshooter, it suggested I designate Xerox Work Centre 3215 as the default computer.  So I tried that  and tried another test print. Same result.  So I switched it back to the previous option as the default.

In the events panel,  There was a note that recorded the attempt, and it also said the printer was not connected to the computer.   So I checked the cable, and when I had replugged everything in, the printer cable was not in the same slot it was before, but it was connected. So I rechecked my pre-installation photo and got it in the right place, but that didn't make any difference.  With note that recorded my attempt to change the default printer in the device status was another note that further changes were needed or something on that order.)

QuoteCurrently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)

To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer.

When I was checking the properties for the printer  it forced me to pick a port in the Ports tab.  There were three options and I chose the highlighted one, which was the first one and pressed Apply.  It wouldn't let me leave the tab otherwise.

Print queue has been cleared, and restarting the computer didn't change anything.

I'm so sad I've messed something up. 

The machine is still able to scan via Windows Fax & scan.  I've never been able to get the fax to work.  But what I really need is the printer.

Please help me get my printer working again.  :(


I assume that the printer is connected by USB.
Here is what my two printers attached by USB to my desktop (Win 7) computer look like. See attachment.

What is currently showing under your printer properties?
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[I was busy typing when plodr posted!]

This is not a definitive help post; I will let someone else step up to that plate.

But some simple things to consider are:

1.  I hate to state the obvious but is the printer turned on?;

2.  try another printer cable;

3.  perhaps your RAM install did not mess up the printer; there was also a Windows update this week which may have tweaked something;

4.  give us your exact printer model number, etc;

5.  for whatever your printer model is, you might want to go to that manufacturer and download and install the correct printer driver for your model; sometimes Windows update does a printer driver update that is really not appropriate;

6.  finally--as a last resort--you might want to consider a rollback to a time when that printer worked.  But I would wait for other help from here before doing something this drastic.

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Yes, I just remembered this morning that my windows update installed on 7/13.    I did test the printer after all the cleanup and program removals last week, and it was printing fine then.

Printer was on and intialized for the tests I did.

Swapped out printer cable (yes it is a USB connection), no change.  So put the first one back.

Screenie of printer properties from Settings attached,  with a second screen of properties from devices page (before driver updates)

Made restore point, then installed the updated drivers (Xerox WorkCentre 3215 Windows Print Drivers Utilities V1.10 released 5/06/2022)  From this page:  Install was successful.  What was updated: printer, scanner, printer manager, Easy Doc creator, PC-FAX, wireless utility.   The test page printed immediately after the install. Scanner works.  But no joy on printing a notepad file.

Ran printer troubleshooter.  This time said Xerox PCL6 Class Driver V1.1 is not the default printer.  I let it  change to that, since that is what was running before all this started.

So, now.... here is the odd outcome.   If I print with the Xerox workcenter option in the "print this document"  panel instead of the PCL6 Class Driver option,  it prints the last job from the Xeerox WorkCentre 3215 option print test file instead of the document I selected to print.   If I select the PCL6 Class Driver option,  the print job goes into the queue and does not print.  I checked the queue for the Work Center 3215, and it is empty, so not sure where it is getting the document.

There is apparently some configuration problem between the two options.  In the Xerox Workcenter Printer manager, the Port for XeroxWC3215  is listed as USB001, but is grayed out. Not sure what that means, but thought I would report it.

So the printer is hearing something, its just confused about what document to print?


ok!  So more testing.... and now its printing my selection by opting to use the  WorkCentre3215 printer instead of the class driver one.

I'm not sure what all happened, but it seems to be working now.  However, I can no longer print from the other networked computer in the house.  It offers the Xerox WorkCentre as the sole option, but instead of printing the file, it offers to save it as a printer file.



I am basically out of fairy dust!  (Smile)

But one final thought, have you installed the updated drivers to that other networked computer?

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I will give that a try.  But I might post that computer for a check out and cleanup  too.    Would it be better to do that first, before installing the new drivers?


Quote from: pastywhitegurl on July 16, 2022, 06:01:11 PM

However, I can no longer print from the other networked computer in the house.  It offers the Xerox WorkCentre as the sole option, but instead of printing the file, it offers to save it as a printer file.

Have you run the troubleshooter?  Do all of your networked computers show the same printer options in Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners? It could be a simple configuration issue, or the drivers need to be updated as v_v pointed out
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Troubleshooter on the laptop says t "MAY allow the printer to print" to change the default from the PCL6 Class driver  to the Xerox WorkCentre 3215. Which makes it sound like the troubleshooter really doens't expect that to work. ^_^  I did not do it yet, because I apparently messed something up when I changed the default back and forth a couple times (prompted by the troubleshooter)  trying to get the printer to see my computer, so don't want to make the same mistake. 

On the laptop, the print screen only offers the WorkCentre3215 as a printer option, not the PCL6 Class Driver.  It looks like maybe(?) changing the default printer might work.... but should I install the new Xerox WorkCentre drivers to the laptop before doing that?

I find it confusing that the one Xerox printer seems to have 3 names in my computer:
Xerox PCL6 Class Driver V1.1 (Settings > Printers > Xerox WorkCenter3215>Default printer)
Xerox WorkCentre 3215 (Settings > Printers)
Xerox WorkCentre 3215 XPS (device manager)

I feel like I'm making this too hard, so I probably need a step by step list that I can follow and do one at a time and fill out the result.



QuoteI will give that a try.  But I might post that computer for a check out and cleanup  too.    Would it be better to do that first, before installing the new drivers?

I do not have a definitive answer to your question.  It never hurts to have a "check out and cleanup," except for the cost in time and effort.  So if time and effort doesn't concern you then go for the "check out and cleanup" first.

On the other hand I am more of the view that Windows has somehow tweaked something that is now prompting the reinstallation of the of the genuine manufacturer's drivers.  With that in mind I would think that it would be better for all of the computers to have that same driver setup.

As for the different printer listings I cannot say, except that perhaps those are different modes of how the printer can print.  My Brother printer also had an "XPS" listing in addition to a "USB" one.  I suspect that the one that matters for you in most cases is going to be the one for "Xerox WorkCentre 3215 (Settings > Printers)."  So again it seems that all of your printer drivers should be refreshed with the update so that they all look the same and "think alike"!  (Smile)

Bottom line, to me the quickest thing would be to install the driver updates and if they work then you are finished, can report success, and get on with the business of living!  (Smile)

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It makes sense to me that the printer issues are related to the windows updates.  This computer was also updated last week before the problems started.

So I did install the new drivers on the Lenovo laptop, and then ran the troubleshooter. Still was only give the option of print to file.  After the update, I did have more printer options (all related to the Xerox printer) so ran the trouble shooter, which each time recommended making  the default and testing a text file to see if it would print. No joy on any combination.  So I returned the default printer selection to what it was previously.

I've posted a topic to clean up the laptop, and afterwards, may try again to reconnect it through the network to the printer. 

So thankful for the help, all. I can use the printer from my desktop, and that is the main thing.


O, forgot to mention that I couldn't install the drivers to the network, as there was no connection the installer could find.  So I used the option to connect to network later.   Thought this factoid might be important.



I guess that I am confused now, and I am not a network savant.

1.  So you have re-installed the printer drivers to the desktop and you are able to print using your Xerox printer from the desktop, correct?

2.  You have re-installed the printer drivers to the Lenovo laptop and you are NOT able to print from the laptop, correct?

3.  Has the laptop ever been able to print to the Xerox printer through the network?
4.  Is it a wired or wireless network connection for the laptop?
5.  Which version of Windows is on the laptop?
6.  Is the printer connected to the desktop or to the modem/router?
7.  When you go to the Network settings on both computers, have you turned on both "network discovery" and "file and printer sharing"?

As I said I am not a network savant, so I am basically just coming up with random ideas.

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Me settings mystify me.  My method to set up networking has always been to find some tutorial to get started, then keep clicking options till something works. I know. Terrible plan. :P

1. I installed the new drivers to the desktop PC, and afterwards was able to print by selecting a different printer in the print options screen.

2. I have installed the new drivers to the Lenovo laptop and not able to print through the network.

3. Before the latest windows updates, the laptop was able to print via the Xerox printer through the network.

4. The laptop connection is wired.

5. Laptop is running Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 21H2 19044.1826 (X64)

6.The Xerox printer is connected by cable to the desktop PC.

7. Network Discovery and File and printer sharing were already turned on in both computers.



Well I am fresh out of ideas, except for one last thought.  Per the manual for the Xerox WorkCentre 3215, on page 28 there is the following

QuoteAdministrator Access

Certain features accessed at the machine may require Administrator access to change the settings.
Access to the Feature Defaults, System Setup and Network Settings areas are usually password

1. Press the Machine Status button on the control panel.
2. Press the up/down arrows to select the required option.
3. Press OK.
4. If required, enter the Administrator Password using the alphanumerical keypad. The default is
5. Press OK. Once the password is verified, the selected option menu displays.

[My colored highlights]

This passage can be found at " ".

Perhaps the manual pages from 27-30 may help, and perhaps you might need to use said instructions for both computers.  I do not know.

Sadly I have reached the bottom of my now empty barrel!  (Sigh)

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