Windowsfx Linux Distro That Mimics Windows 11

Started by Corrine, October 20, 2022, 04:00:41 PM

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From Windowsfx is the Linux distribution Windows users have been looking for:

QuoteOver the past 20 or so years, there always seems to be that one distribution everyone claims is the best to help Windows users transition to Linux. Most often those distributions are nothing more than Linux with a desktop that looks like Windows. Sometimes they do a decent job of mimicking Windows and sometimes not.

But every so often something special pops up, a distribution that goes well beyond that extra mile to make Windows users feel right at home with Linux. Such is the case with Windowsfx. This Linux distribution is far from just a UI tweak to resemble another OS, it's perfectly tuned for Windows users. It looks like Windows 11, and it behaves like Windows 11... only it's Linux. For certain users, Windowsfx will be the absolute best of both worlds.

Windowsfx includes Android app support and pre-installed Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Edge, Teams, Skype, PowerShell, Office Online, and OneDrive.

Additional information about Windowsfx is available at ZD Net at Want to ditch Windows? Windowsfx may be the ideal Linux distribution for you.

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