Hackers infect Linux SSH servers with Tsunami botnet malware

Started by Corrine, June 20, 2023, 06:40:24 PM

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Via Bleeping Computer:

QuoteAn unknown threat actor is brute-forcing Linux SSH servers to install a wide range of malware, including the Tsunami DDoS (distributed denial of service) bot, ShellBot, log cleaners, privilege escalation tools, and an XMRig (Monero) coin miner.

SSH (Secure Socket Shell) is an encrypted network communication protocol for logging into remote machines, supporting tunneling, TCP port forwarding, file transfers, etc.

Network administrators typically use SSH to manage Linux devices remotely, performing tasks such as running commands, changing the configuration, updating software, and troubleshooting problems.

However, if those servers are poorly unsecured, they might be vulnerable to brute force attacks, allowing threat actors to try out many potential username-password combinations until a match is found.

See the referenced article for additional informaton.

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