Mozilla Firefox Version 113.0.1 Released

Started by Corrine, May 12, 2023, 02:09:46 PM

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Mozilla sent Firefox Version 113.0.1 to the Release Channel today.


  • Fixed incorrect colors for Windows users with installed monitor/display color profiles, particularly on wide gamut displays (bug 1832215)
  • Fixed borders being visible around fullscreen windows for some configurations (bug 1830721)
  • Fixed an issue which may cause users in some configurations to experience tearing when watching videos in fullscreen mode (bug 1830792)

Release Notes

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My wife recently retired, and is spending a lot more time at home...
I was experiencing 'slow surfing' in spite of the Ookla speed test giving me good readings.

I was blaming the fact that she had 5 devices online at the same time (besides my computer).

I disconnected two Firesticks and one Roku.

Turned out Firefox was downloading the update in the background.

I still don't know 6 devices was too much for my T-Mobile 5G internet.