MVPS HOSTS Based IE9+ Tracking Protection List

Started by MrNick, December 22, 2014, 11:21:00 AM

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As I'm new here, whilst talking about MVPS Hosts file I would just like to let you know that I have an IE Tracking Protection List which is 100% based on the MVPS HOSTS file.  Nothing is added or removed, other than a header section.  Despite the size of this TPL I see no performance issues and it is used by many.

If you use the HOSTS file then you do not need my TPL.  However one advantage of the TPL is that IE self updates so management is automatic compared to normal HOSTS file usage so if you have a houseful of computers then the TPL will look after itself and you can be a little more comfortable that IE is blocking all the sites that the MVPS HOSTS file has defined. 

More info can be found here fore those interested.   



Hi, Nick.

After you posted about your Tracking Protection List, I contacted Mike Burgess/WinHelp2002, the creator of the MVPS Hosts data you use in your product.  In his reply, he indicated that as long as you are not charging for the use of the TPL, or accepting donations, there are no issues.  However, anyone who uses your product needs to understand a few things:

1)  The computer's HOSTS file is the first thing consulted whenever you visit a website.  Thus, the HOSTS file will block a listed webpage before (and faster than) the TPL does (if both are installed).

2)  Although running both the MVPS Hosts file and the TPL should work, it isn't a good idea as it will likely slow access, especially if the user does not have super-fast Internet connection (like me ;) )

3)  Maintaining the MVPS Hosts file is a full time job.  Mike spends literally hours upon hours updating the sites included in the HOSTS file.  He has received a lot of grief over the years from disgruntled website owners who weren't happy with being included.  However, there is no question of Mike's integrity.  Every addition to the MVPS Hosts file is justified.

4)  The MVPS Hosts file will work with all browsers whereas your TPL will only work with Internet Explorer 9 and above.

On a personal note, anyone who does use the TPL and derives the benefit of Mike's many years of hard work maintaining the information may wish to consider a donation via this link, which includes the ability to use a credit card as well as PayPal:  MVPS Donation.

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