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Started by Aaron Hulett, April 15, 2015, 06:20:22 AM

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Aaron Hulett

Hi everyone,

With the demise of TweetDesk and Seesmic desktop applications I never really did go looking for replacements. Anyone happen to have a social media desktop program that works well? Bonus points if it supports all three, but two is good, too. Been looking around but I haven't found one worthwhile yet.



I haven't really tried it, other than testing installation and uninstall features, It supports all three, plus some others.



Which OS is the desktop app for?  I found Sobees (, but the requirements don't mention Windows 8.1:

sobees by sobees is based on .NET and is easily installable on any Windows 7 and 8 computer as well as Vista and XP if .NET is up-to-date (we recommend to update it through Windows update prior to installing sobees if not already available).

Since you are likely using Windows 10 Technical Preview on at least one computer, check the Windows Store (not the Beta Store) for "Social App Suite".  It is also listed for Windows 8.1 at Social App Suite app for Windows in the Windows Store:


Social App Suite brings all popular social networking websites at a single place.
You can use the following services with this app:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- Yahoo
- Google Plus
- Pinterest

I seldom check LI and prefer not to use separate apps for everything since all it takes is a separate tab for Tweetdeck and Facebook.

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Aaron Hulett

The Sobees license agreement says:

Quote2. Permitted License Uses and Restrictions; Confidentiality.

A. This License allows you, during the term of this License, to install and use one copy of the sobees Software on each computer owned or controlled by you for evaluation purposes only.

and my favorite:
Quote4. Term of License. The term of this License shall commence upon your installation or use of the sobees Software and will terminate automatically without notice from deskNET upon the next commercial release of the sobees Software, or June 30th, 2008, whichever occurs first.

So it's a beta product that is usable for evaluation purposes only, and only while the license is valid, and the license term ended June 30, 2008? If the agreement is that screwed up, can I trust them with my information? Or is it simply abandoned now? Either way, I'll pass.

Yoono and Social App Suite look interesting, will have to check them out. Thank you techie and Corrine!!!