Gibson Research Security (revisted)

Started by techie, August 07, 2015, 11:09:18 PM

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In our busy world we sometimes, forget important people and contributions. I know it has been discussed over the years. All the old timers or security experts are or should be aware of Steve's contributions to security community. The newer users may not be aware of his still outstanding and even newer contributions. He has some older things and some new things and quite of few in the works.

The old optout first ever original spyware program (retired)
The shields-up to test your firewall  for free is still a excellent piece of work.
The firewall Leak Test.
There is really to many list.

If you have never visited the site you should.

If you haven't visited in awhile Steve has a couple of new programs up.

NEW SHIELDS UP! TEST: UPnP Exposure Test! 

NEW HTTPS Interception Detection


I just used that recently.

When I got suspicious that ZoneAlarm was related to my occasional "netio.sys" crashes, I tried the built in Windows firewall.
I tested it at Gibson's site with Shields-up and the leak test.
After it passed the tests, I felt more confident about giving up the firewall that I've been using for 17 years.

OT: No crashes since   :Hammys pint: